This Girl Ciannuo Blush Review!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hello Readers,
You'll be looking at this picture and would be wondering how pretty this blush looks.No doubt it looks really appealing but believe me all that clicks is not always good." My own quote ".

I bought it for 225 PKR from Al Fatah.

Too small to read except the phrase sweet pink love blusher, no ingredients are mentioned.

No 03.A very pretty pink shade however looks slightly scary in the pan.

Comes in a plastic light pinkish container with a clear lid.Not at all travel friendly as the lid is very insecure.Very cheap looking blush and I absolutely detest the sight of it.However it comes with a mirror and a brush which I have not taken picture of "silly me".

Very powdery and crumbly.Whenever I swipe my brush in the pan even with a light hand,powder falls everywhere
and the pan looks really dirty.Not at all finely milled however the blush is very much pigmented so please don't be generous while applying.

It doesn't give a smooth appearance rather it gives a chalky and rough finish which doesn't look natural at all.


My Thoughts
I bought this blush solely because of the color as I thought it would give a nice healthy color to my cheeks but the truth was a little different.It gives a bright pink appearance that doesn't look natural and smooth at all.Sadly I travelled with this blush in my bag and afterwards while rummaging through my bag I found it to be broken with the lid taken off.The blush is not soft to touch and crumbs appear whenever touched.No doubt its cheap as chips,comes with a mirror and a brush but doesn't fulfill the purpose it was initially purchased for.Lesson learned put more money and buy a reasonable blush.

To no one, not even me.

Would I Repurchase

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  1. Great post! I love color of that blush. It looks beautiful.

    1. Yeah the color looks lovely but doesn't give a good finish.Thanks for the comment:)


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