October Favorites!

Friday, 31 October 2014


Boy oh boy, October has gone by so quickly, time definitely flies.Autumn has rather been a gem season because I can see my acne scars ebbing away and my mood is gradually becoming more jolly.And you know what I mean by jolly, It means I'm making an effort with applying  makeup and this month has been an exception.So here is a list of my October Favorites.

Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 1 Eyeshadow Palette

I can't tell you how much I've fallen in love with this palette.It is the perfect combination of bronze and gold eyeshadows that compliment each other beautifully and keep fulfilling my neutral eyeshadow cravings.My most used are the two gold ones and I use the black eyeshadow to smoke things up a bit.Keep your eyes glued for a review of this palette.

Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner

I don't apply eyeliner much but this one gives such a pretty look.Even when it dries, it doesn't lose its shine and I smudge it to vamp things up a bit and the result is beyond good.You can read the review of this eyeliner on my blog  here 

Garnier BB Cream Light

I'm liking the dewy complexion this BB gives because Autumn is all for the glowy complexion.I've started liking this product much more than I used to before.You can read the review of this product on my blog  here 

Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss 15 True Love

I absolutely adore the look of a dark berry lip but doesn't have the confidence to knock it off because it adds ages to my face, believe me.So I have opted for a light berry lip and Essence Lipgloss gives the perfect berry tinge I need.A great value for such an affordable price.Keep your eyes peeled for a review on this.

What are your favorites for this month?

How to make sure your blog photos look pretty!

Friday, 24 October 2014


Photography is the most important factor of your blog and it is the only feature that makes your blog stand out.If your writing style is good but poor photography, nobody would want to read what you've written.However if both of these elements are well conducted then people would head over to read what you've written even if it contains a lengthy detail.I'm no blogging or photography expert but searching on the internet for innumerable hours hasn't been fruitless as I definitely have learned a thing or two to share.

Don't Use Flash
Take my advice and don't go to the darkest corner of your house to take photos with flash and more importantly stop being satisfied with those crappy pictures.Flash absolutely disrupts the natural beauty of a picture and gives it a fake artificial look which people I know abhor to look at , I do myself.

Do We Need DSLR
Everybody is talking about DSLR these days, so what? Be thankful of what you have and use the camera in hand.I use my mobile to take pictures which has a 5 MP camera and believe me it takes fairly good photos.It's actually the person who takes good photos, not the camera.Try to make the most of your camera's capacity.

Make sure the place where you are taking pictures is aflood with natural sunlight.Now I'm not telling you to take photos in the sunlight as it looks bad but take photos where there is enough of sunlight streaming in.Natural light as sunlight brings out the beauty of your pictures and keeps them looking natural and less grainy.

There maybe some cosmopolitan, vogue or allure magazines lying somewhere.Use them as backgrounds for your pictures rather than letting them wither away in dust.Flowers make really great props and make the pictures look beautiful.Also if you have a pretty rug or a simple white bedding, use them as they tend to give your pictures a nice background.My advice would be to keep everything white,simple and use less busy backgrounds.Please don't take pictures on the grass as it gives a boring and bad effect.Simplicity is the best policy.

When taking pictures, don't clutter them together but put them apart, in different angles, give them space to make them more noticeable for people.Also keeping space between your items helps to give a clean and clear look.

Fiddle With ISO
ISO is mostly in cameras even my mobile has this option, don't use the auto but rather use the modes to your own liking.I play around between 400 to 800 mode as these modes tend to make the pictures brighter and balance out the dark.These modes balance out the noise in the pictures and also set the lighting.

I edit my pictures with my mobile, not a very effective way of editing but I find it quick and easy.If your pictures are dark then set them with the exposure filter, avoid using brightness filter as it tends to dull and whiten the pictures rather then brightening them from within.If your pictures are looking dull then use the saturation filter to add color to your photos.If your pictures are overly bright set them with the contrast filter.Please in the end do sharpen the pictures with the sharpen filter as it clears the pictures.Don't go overboard with these filters as sometimes they can give a overly edited look to pictures.Keep everything natural and simple.

Editing Tools
Ulead, Adobe Photoshop,picmonkey, befunky and Microsoft photo manager are great tools for editing your pictures and have more effective filters than a mobile has.

Photo Inspiration
To take photos like they've just landed from a vogue magazine.We need inspiration and in order to take inspiration, read blogs with gorgeous pictures so that you have a little know how of, how to take good pictures? If you are into fashion blogging then read good fashion blogs and if you are a beauty blogger like me then look at some of my suggestions for photo inspiration.below.

So these were my tips to make your blog photos look good.I hope you liked this post and if you find this post helpful then please let me know in the comments.Happy Blogging:)

 Bed In The Kitchen 
 London Beauty Queen 
 The Lovely Prose 
 The Sunday Girl 
 Gyudy Notes Of Beauty 

This Girl Ciannuo Blush Review!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Hello Readers,
You'll be looking at this picture and would be wondering how pretty this blush looks.No doubt it looks really appealing but believe me all that clicks is not always good." My own quote ".

I bought it for 225 PKR from Al Fatah.

Too small to read except the phrase sweet pink love blusher, no ingredients are mentioned.

No 03.A very pretty pink shade however looks slightly scary in the pan.

Comes in a plastic light pinkish container with a clear lid.Not at all travel friendly as the lid is very insecure.Very cheap looking blush and I absolutely detest the sight of it.However it comes with a mirror and a brush which I have not taken picture of "silly me".

Very powdery and crumbly.Whenever I swipe my brush in the pan even with a light hand,powder falls everywhere
and the pan looks really dirty.Not at all finely milled however the blush is very much pigmented so please don't be generous while applying.

It doesn't give a smooth appearance rather it gives a chalky and rough finish which doesn't look natural at all.


My Thoughts
I bought this blush solely because of the color as I thought it would give a nice healthy color to my cheeks but the truth was a little different.It gives a bright pink appearance that doesn't look natural and smooth at all.Sadly I travelled with this blush in my bag and afterwards while rummaging through my bag I found it to be broken with the lid taken off.The blush is not soft to touch and crumbs appear whenever touched.No doubt its cheap as chips,comes with a mirror and a brush but doesn't fulfill the purpose it was initially purchased for.Lesson learned put more money and buy a reasonable blush.

To no one, not even me.

Would I Repurchase

The One Lovely Blog Award Again!

Now I was nominated by Taylor Sheldon from  anotherfashionfanatic.blogspot.com  before than Lauren O'Rourke from  littlelo16.blogspot.com  nominated me.And I suddenly remembered my nomination from Taylor and decided to do this award again.Huge thanks to Taylor Sheldon for nominating me and apologies for not doing this post on time.I was busy Taylor,I hope you understand.
Now on to the business.

The Rules
* Add the Award logo as above.
* Add these set of rules.
* Write 7 facts about yourself.
* Thank the person who nominated you and leave their blog link.
* Nominate 15 other blogs and leave their blog links.
* Inform the nominees that they've been selected.
* Inform the person who nominated you once you do this post.
* Follow the person who nominated you on GFC and Bloglovin.

7 Facts About Myself

1) My favorite subject is English.

2) I'm a book worm.

3) The first story book I read was Leap Of Faith by Danielle Steele.

4) I love foundations,I don't need them as I have a good skin but the look of those beige glass bottles turn me on.

5) My favorite cartoon character is Tweety.

6) I bite my nails whenever I'm in a deep thought.

7)I hate people who talk about someone in hushed voices with that same person looking at them.

My Nominees Are

Elena Biscardi
Gyudy  gyudynotesofbeauty.blogspot.com 
Maddy  unstitchedd.blogspot.com 
Joksie  wearemonochrome.blogspot.co.uk 
Darleen Marie  darleenmarie.blogspot.co.uk 

These were my nominees.Thanks again Taylor for nominating me.

The One Lovely Blog Award!

Hi Readers,
I was nominated for The One Lovely Blog Award by Lauren O'Rourke from littlelo16.blogspot.com.A huge thanks to you Lauren for nominating me.I really apologize for being a little late in doing this post as I was kinda busy and such posts take real effort to do.However let's get crackin'.

The Award Rules:-
* Add the logo as above.
* Add these set of rules.
* Add seven facts about yourself.
* Thank the person who nominated you and leave their blog link.
*Nominate 15 other bloggers and leave their blog links.
* Inform the nominees that they've been selected.
* Follow the person who nominated you on bloglovin and GFC.

7 Facts About Me

1)I love to pop my pimples because I absolutely hate the sight of them.

2)My favorite singer is Dido.She has a beautiful voice.

3)I love chocolates.I can eat them anytime and anywhere.

4)I hate Maths and I don't know why it came into being.

5)My mother has to force me off the internet, I'm that addictive.

6)I feel annoyed when I'm beauty shopping and a sales girl comes along to inquire what I want to buy because I want free reign to check everything myself.

7)My all time favorite movie is My Diary by Barbie,I know It's too kiddo for me but I enjoy watching it.

My Nominees Are
Taylor Sheldon anotherfashionfanatic.blogspot.com 
Shannon  essentiallyshannon.blogspot.com 
London Beauty Queen
N  ownandbecome.blogspot.co.uk 
Rose Monique  black&white-rose.blogspot.com 
Saskia  saskiaalicebeauty.blogspot.co.uk 
Emma  haveacupofteax.blogspot.co.uk 
Kelsey Dadmun  kelseybeauty.blogspot.com 
Angelica P  onelittlevice.blogspot.com 
Pretty Perfect
Katie Louise  katielouise-x.blogspot.co.uk 
Camille   cococami.blogspot.co.uk 
Rachel Marie  rachelcoco.blogspot.co.uk 
Krithi Tm  itskrisworld.blogspot.in 

Phew! These were my nominees.Thanks again Lauren  littlelo16.blogspot.com .I enjoyed doing this post.

Bath & Body Works Body Cream Review!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

This adorable looking Bath & Body Works Paris Amour Body Cream was gifted to me by a friend of mine.I was pleasantly surprised because Bath & Body Works is certainly a company that's hard to find and is quite expensive for my pocket.

Now I'm not familiar with the price but it definitely would be under 1400 to 1600 PKR.

Fortified with our exclusive triple moisture complex of conditioning milk proteins, hydrating rice bran oil and protective acai berry extract, our Signature Triple Moisture Body Cream provides deep, 24 hour moisture that softens even the driest skin.Our non greasy formula deeply conditions, leaving skin moisturized, fragrant and more beautiful than ever before.

Bath & Body Works always come up with appealing packaging which bewitches you to buy it just because it looks beautiful.However it comes in a 226g tube " I love tubes " with a pink flip flop cap.No leakage, travel friendly and expensive looking which always comes as a bonus to show off."JOKING"

Range Name
Paris Amour

It's claimed to be inspired by French tulips, apple blossoms and sparkling pink champagne.In my opinion the scent is creamy, tangy and musky with a hint of apples.I absolutely love the smell and it's very long lasting.

It is the perfect in between consistency that is neither too thick nor too watery.It quickly vanishes upon application and a little amount goes a long way.

My Thoughts
I had this cream for quite a long time and still it's going strong.I love how it makes my skin look young, radiant and healthy.However I've noticed pimples appearing on my face due to its usage and also when I apply it to my face my eyes become teary and watery.So I've stopped using it on my face and use it on my body only.There it does a good job of moisturizing and its quick sinking quality makes it an ideal body cream.It really moisturizes the driest of skin and doesn't leave dampness on my clothes.It prolongs the wear of my perfume and keeps me smelling nice all day.Overall It's a great body cream but not for my face and quite an expensive buy.

If you can afford it, then buy it.

Would I buy it

Essence Sun Club Eyeshadow Palette Review!

Monday, 20 October 2014

My eye makeup is always very minimal and sometimes I just avoid wearing it.However having palettes to play with sounds good to me and when I spotted this cute palette, I grabbed it and let's see how it performed in my books.

01 South Beach

I bought it for 590 PKR from Al Fatah.

8 long lasting,trendy eyeshadow colors including applicator.

The palette is laid in a clear plastic packaging and you can see the eyeshades from the outside.I like Essence packaging as one gets to see the product and also gives a neat and clean impression.The palette is secure,travel friendly due to its small size and pretty to look at.Also it comes with a small applicator that is foam from one side and brush from the other.

The palette has total 8 shades in which 5 are shimmery neutral ones whereas the other 3 are shimmery blue ones.The neutral shades are very shimmery in the pan but the blues are pearly ones.There is no matte shade in this palette.

These colors have poor pigmentation and do not have a good building power except the two blue ones.


They lasted for 2 hours on me with foundation and powder,my lids tend to get oily but not too oily.However I'm very disappointed with the lasting power but haven't tried it with a eyeshadow primer yet.

The applicator does a good job of applying and blending the eyeshadows however I've noticed too much product fall out and some shades are not buttery to feel but are rather stiff and tacky to touch especially the blue ones.They aren't buildable and the shade golden is hardly visible when applied.The shades turn to subtle shimmer when blended and I like the fact that they give a natural finish.My most used shades are the two at the right side.I can chuck the palette into my bag and go.However I'm thoroughly disappointed about the lasting power and the poor pigmentation of the shades so frequent touch ups are a must.Overall I would say this has better quality than some local palettes out there and not to forget the cheap price.

To those who do not want to spend much on a eyeshadow palette.

No, but I would like to buy the Essence Nightclub Eyeshadow Palette.


The Cold Edit!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Winter is in the air,I can feel it as the days are generally getting colder and my mobile is constantly giving weather reports that the temperature is getting lower day by day.

Believe me winter hasn't arrived yet but the cold is taking a toll on my mood and in order to make the most of this weather and to survive it like a happy girl I've mentioned some things below that would keep my winter blues at bay.

Drinking Coffee:-
I really need something to warm up my body and calm down my nerves.Coffee is the beverage that keeps me warm,makes me happy,talkative and alive.

Reading Books:-
Lounging in the sun with a book in hand is the most cherished moment of my day.And winter gives the perfect opportunity so I gotta go and buy some books for myself.

No doubt I'm lazy at this but sometimes the thought of creamy lotions and potions really makes my mood for moisturizing my hands,feet and body.It takes time but it's worth it as I smell nice and even the spritz of a perfume stays longer.

Wearing my coziest outfit:-
There's nothing enjoyable than wearing my pyjamas,shirt and socks.After popping these on I can really spend the winter like a happy girl.

I need something that smells creamy,nutty,coconuty and above all floral.So my search for these types of scents is still on and I can't wait to grab it whether It's a perfume,shower gel,a body mist or a lotion.

These are the items or call it my "mood changers" I certainly need to spend these cold days that are just around the corner.I want to prepare myself before they arrive.

What are your winter essentials?

What's in my makeup bag?Autumn Edit!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

I haven't posted my handbag but my makeup bag that contains makeup I'm carrying along these days.I was given this really pretty clutch bag by an aunt of mine.

As you can see from my bag contents,I'm sporting red color on my lips these days and I have a red lip pencil, a red lipstick, a red lipgloss, a balm that's not red from the inside and I keep it to hydrate my lips.Also I'm carrying a face powder to keep my T Zone oiliness at bay.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the contents of my bag and someday I'll do my full handbag post as well.

What are you carrying in your makeup bag?

My 7 Bad Beauty Habits!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Shh..... don't tell anyone.It is between you and me only.Can I trust you?Yes I can:)

I got this really nice post idea from Ziva's blog with the prettiest ever pictures called nothinreallyfancy.blogspot.com.She also gave us readers free reign to take the idea and post our own 7 bad beauty habits and I finally took the plunge.

1)Biting my nails:-
I mostly do this when I'm having sudden panic attacks and my hands just automatically go into my mouth,without me ever realizing.I really want to stop this habit and have pretty nails but I can't seem to stop.Even my friends laughingly make jokes of the weird texture and shape of my nails.

2)Not Cleaning my brushes:-
I need my brushes all the time from applying a base to a lip product.They always come handy and make my not so expert makeup applying way to a much decent looking one.But I'm quite cruel towards them as they are always left alone wanting to be cared for and washed.However after writing this post,I want to make my record straight.

3)Not cleaning my eyebrows:-
Now this may make you laugh and me so embarrassed.Sometimes my eyebrows look really bad and I take the time to make them look good but after doing only one eyebrow, I get so tired and irritated of plucking that I leave my other brow untended to.My family laughs at the natural way I carry them off around the house and I only clean them properly before going out.This is really lazy of me.

4)Not moisturizing my hands:-
My hands really get sore,rough and tight after dish washing or general cleaning around the house.But I'm such a slow person,either I forget applying a hand cream or just don't bother.

5)Not cutting my toenails:-
I'm strange,at one hand I bite my hand nails and in the other I don't cut my toenails on time.I hate the look of overgrown toenails and to wear pumps with them is really painful.But I don't care,I endure the pain and the hateful look of them.I only cut them when my mother forcibly thrusts a nail cutter into my hands.

6)Not moisturizing my lips:-
I love makeup especialliy lip products.But I'm so sluggish when it comes to applying a lip balm.My lips get white,small in appearance and really in need of some hydration.I only perform this step when I'm going out.

7)Not waxing:-
I hate even the name and mention of waxing especially the pain that comes with it.I shudder at the thought of waxing but hate shaving as it doesn't give a smooth and soft skin.So inorder to get away with waxing I don't purchase it for months on end.And walk around the house like a maniac with hairy legs and arms,ofcourse they are always covered but if my family sees the sight of them,there always comes loud guffaws.

I really enjoyed doing this post and made me realize how UGH sometimes I am.
Feel Free to do this post but don't forget to leave a comment and a blog link:)

Book Review # 2

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Let me tell you that Sophie Kinsella is my favorite author and chick lit genre is the one I really love.Sophie Kinsella's books come in chick lit genre and I simply adore the way she writes.Her books are fast paced,humorous,spicy,unpredictable, totally worth devouring and perfect for teenagers.However today I'm going to review " The Undomestic Goddess " by Sophie Kinsella.

Samantha Sweeting is a braniac with an IQ of 158 and works as a lawyer in a top-notch law firm.She's about to be promoted to the partnership level when she makes a terrible mistake and in order to stop the shame she would suffer, she runs away from the office to a place she doesn't even know.There, her life takes a turn and she becomes a house keeper without even knowing how to switch on an oven.Her journey will tell how she battles with a washing machine,broom and a duster.Don't forget there's a love story sparking at the bottom and you have to explore if she would get her job back or not?

This is the main story and you have to discover all the untold events yourself.Believe me readers,give it a read,you won't be disappointed.

Who is your favorite author?

My Haul!

Friday, 10 October 2014

Hello Readers,
Yesterday I did a haul and luckily I also received my online shopping parcel.I'm so excited to show you my purchases.Have a look!

What I bought:-

* Natural Elements Raspberry And Cranberry Foam Bath 750 ml for PKR 225.

* Head & Shoulders Anti Hairfall Shampoo 400 ml for PKR 335.

* Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion 200 ml for PKR 295.

* Suave Sandalwood & Cinnamon Body Lotion 532 ml for PKR 365.

* Body Luxuries Dancing Waters Body Splash 236 ml for PKR 155.

* Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss in 15 True Love for PKR 395.

* Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 1 for PKR 950.

These were all of my purchases.I bought the makeup revolution iconic 1 palette from an online shopping website just4girls.pk and the other purchases were made from Al Fatah.I will post the reviews of my items once I test them properly.

The Makeup Addict Tag!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Hello everyone.I found this tag from this pretty blog Overdose de Maquillage.I hope I enjoy answering the questions.


I would say lip gloss as I love the way they give a glossy moisturised feel to my lips.


Hmmm,Lipstick because whenever I'm going somewhere I have to give some healthy color to my lips.Also lipstick works as a substitute for a quick blush on to me.


Aha,Revlon,they always come up with great lip colors of wonderful textures.


Ok,please don't ask this question because I'm just in the beginning of making a collection but throughout my life I've tried various products of various brands.


I like to store my makeup in wooden boxes.


I've got a lip balm,a white eye pencil,a face powder,a lip gloss and a lipstick so there are total five makeup items in my bag.


Now that's a tricky question,there are so many bloggers to name.However I would like to raid Allison Anderson's makeup stash.Now a days she's doing makeup purge edition posts and GOD HELP ME,she had 94 blushes and all those of high street and high end brands.I would love to see what else she's got in her makeup drawers.


Usually I don't apply makeup except a lip product.But sometimes I do make an effort and use a bb cream,a face powder,bit of a blush,mascara and a sheer lipstick.It only takes me 10 minutes to get ready and this all comes upto 5 products.


No,never,don't you think It's a waste of time and money buying products that wouldn't come of any use.Whenever I want to buy something,I do a full on research regarding that product and if it suits my pocket and my face,I go and buy it.

I loved doing this tag.Feel free my readers to do this tag but don't forget to leave your blog link as I would love to read your answers too.

Maybelline Clear Smooth Cake Powder Review!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

I always wanted a face powder and during my online shopping phase I had only 250 PKR left to buy something when my eyes caught this Maybelline Clear Smooth Cake Powder.I added it to my cart and waited two weeks for this product.

I bought it for 250 PKR from an online shopping website just4girls.pk.

Too many statements have been given but I'm going to pinpoint the main ones.
* Shine Control
* High UV Protection = SPF 25
* Instant Fairness
* Imperfections Blend Away
* Long Lasting
* Visibly Smooth Complexion
* Tone Perfecting

OMG! It is so dinky.The product comes in a 3.9g light pink colored container with a small mirror.The packaging is simple and plastic.The labels and statements written on the product are so small that I read them with a magnifying glass.Travel friendly,tightly secured and the sponge inside made me laugh.

This range comes in 5 shades and the shade I have is 01 light which goes perfectly with my skin tone.

A nice floral scent.

The powder is finely milled.It isn't powdery or crumbly and I haven't experienced any product fall out.

The powder applies evenly and yes it does smooth my not so even complexion.The powder feels lightweight on my skin and thankfully it didn't break me out.

Now it does not mattify my T zone completely and vanished after 2 hours leaving a thin veil of powder on my face.

No doubt I had a good laugh,seeing the small rather mini packaging and sponge but seriously the sponge helps to spread the product evenly and nicely.Maybelline has made very daunting statements and some do fulfill the claims but somethings about this powder is disappointing,
I.e, the simple and small packaging,the poor longevity,limited shades selection and it doesn't conceal any blemishes,acne and doesn't give any instant fairness except making my face look a little smooth.The powder isn't cakey and two to three swipes are enough to cover the whole face.It has SPF which is always a plus and it comes with a very cheap price.However I would say this is a fine product for this price tag.

To those who want a cheaply priced face powder.

No,It's too tiny for my liking.

Essence Home Sweet Home Blush Review!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Now this is an item I recently bought and I have to say that the blush in the pan was too pretty to use because I didn't want to disturb the pleasing design.However I bit the bullet and swiped my brush in the pan.The aftermath was something I was not expecting.

I bought it for 430 PKR from an online shopping website just4girls.pk.

Silky soft blush for a natural and fresh looking complexion.

I must say that I like the clear plastic packaging by Essence.It looks neat and clean.The blush comes in a 8g container.The packaging is larger than the normal Essence blushes but easily fits into my handbag and the lid is tightly secured.

Home Sweet Home range comes with two powder blushes only.I picked the shade 01 knits for chicks.which is a two toned blush.The strip is of a pinkish berry shade while the overall blush is of light baby pink shade.

GOD,it is horrendous.The product is not at all finely milled.At first use the appealing design turns into your worst nightmare ever as the powder crumbles and you are left with crumbs in your blush container everywhere which looks really dirty and unattractive.

The finish is not what I would call great.It gives a nice but chalky effect and the baby pink shade highlights the cheeks a little.

Nothing to write home about.Without applying foundation it stayed upto 2 hours and with foundation it stayed upto 3 hours.I hate the fact that it doesn't even leave a hint of color once it vanishes.


The blush doesn't fulfill its claims.It isn't silky or soft however it does give a natural effect.The longevity is really poor and the fact that the powder is crumbly and chalky really disappointed me.There is too much fall out and the blush feels rough while applying.Plus points are that it doesn't have a scent,it is cheaply priced and only looks lovely the first time you buy it.This product is definitely a miss by the Essence company.

To those who don't care about the disadvantages of the blush and who want a cheaply priced blush.


My Autumn Lips Selection!

Monday, 6 October 2014

You may have been sick and tired of seeing Autumn tags and Autumn posts but people can't help it because Autumn is the only season where we can change our normal lazy ways and put more effort in our daily makeup routines.Today I decided to show you some lippies I'll be sporting this season.

Medora Glossy Lipstick "shade no 137"
A bright orange lipstick with a subtle golden shimmer.

Medora Matte Lipstick "shade no 251"
A deep brown colored lipstick.

Sweet Touch Lipstick "shade no 793"
A pinkish purple lipstick.My favorite of the bunch.

A purple Lipstick
The brand name and shade no has vanished.However the shade is a glossy subtle purple color,that is perfect for a light hint of purple on the lips.

A red lip gloss
The brand name has vanished but the shade no is 36.A very flattering orangish red gloss that applies like a lip cream rather than a gloss.

These were my Autumn lips selection.What are yours?

My Autumn Nail picks

Sunday, 5 October 2014

I'm not a lover of nail polishes but having colored nails and toes in Autumn looks pretty.These are some of the nail colors I'm wearing now a days.Take a look!

Color Studio Professional Nail Polish " Dynamite"
A maroonish red color.

Medora Nail Polish "Shade 336"
A deep brown color,great for Autumn.

Christine Nail Polish "Shade 227"
A pinkish red color, a cute nail color.

Hope you liked my picks.What are you wearing now a days?

September Favorites

Friday, 3 October 2014

Me and a favorites post.Nah!You must be joking.Mostly I don't wear makeup except a lip product.However September felt a bit special for me.So I decided to take out all of my most used products of the month,snap a picture and get set go post my September Favorites.It's not much but enough for me.Take a look!

Dear Body Naked Love Fragrance Mist:
I have been praising this mist a lot.It smells wonderful,haven't experienced any problems with the spray nozzle,the bottle looks pretty and I'm happy.

Kathrina Ultra Luxury Eye And Lipliner "shade 25 white"
I bought it from a local store for 50 PKR only and I'm impressed with the results.Its creamy,long lasting,smudge proof and above all isn't crumbly which I've always experienced with cheap pencils.

Acme Lipstick:
Now I don't know anything about this brand,whether it's still available or not,I don't know.The shade of the lipstick has vanished and I'm totally clueless from where I bought it and for how much.However I use this lipstick a lot as you can tell from the picture.It's a nude-y brown shade which isn't too brown or dull looking when applied.It's perfect for me and lasts through meals and drinks nicely.

Color Studio Professional Nail Polish "Dynamite"
Whenever a special or a simple occasion came by,I always popped out this nail color and adorned my nails and toes with it.It's not pure red but a maroonish red shade,great for Autumn and it doesn't chip like some of the other nail polishes I've tried.

So these were my September Favorites and what were yours?