Disclaimer/PR Policy


My name is Ayesha and I am the author behind this blog. Chaste & Beautiful is a blog about beauty and lifestyle but mainly it focuses more towards beauty, including lots of product reviews, recommendations and product swatches. I handle all the things related to my blog from pictures, to writing posts and to even changing the template of my blog. Yes, I am the one in authority here. All pictures you see here are mine unless “Stated Otherwise” and they are watermarked by me as Chaste & Beautiful. At the start of this blog, you will notice that majority of my pictures are not watermarked which I know is forgetfulness on my part but that does not mean that those pictures do not belong to me. They do and you simply have no right to crop them, take them and claim them as your own. If one or any of my product recommendations do not work for you and you get a reaction to them in some way then I will not be held responsible because Dear, I don’t manufacture these products and everyone has not the same skin type and climatic conditions, so, every product works in a different way for every single person. I try my utmost to write about those products that have given me a positive impact but undesirable products are there too and I think people should be made aware of every product that works positively or negatively. I will write about anything that takes my fancy and no one should have the bravado to put a finger on any of my blog post because therefore, everything in this blog is mine unless “issued a different statement.”

                                                           PR Policy

My blog is PR friendly and hence it will include samples provided to me for testing and reviewing purposes. Such products will be clearly mentioned as “PR Samples” on my blog. Sponsored posts will also be included, which means I will write posts that I get paid for and such posts will be claimed as “Sponsored Posts.” I am currently affiliated with Eye of Horus Cosmetics and Just4Girls.pk, and if any of my blog posts are related to subjects regarding these two sites, and if they include affiliate links, which benefit me or the company in some way then I will tell my readers so. The fact that I will include sponsored posts does not mean that I will write made up sugary sweet speeches regarding a company. I will only write, “The Company claims.” All my reviews on this blog are 100% genuine, honest and unbiased and the fact that I receive samples from brands to review does not alter my thoughts or opinions at all. Please, bear in mind that I will never promote, advertise or write about a brand unless I get compensation in some way, be it samples for testing or money for promotion. I would like to receive funds in advance and I truly mean what I say.


My page is open to people, brands and companies for advertising. If you are interested, you can contact me at: