My Autumn Lips Selection!

Monday, October 06, 2014

You may have been sick and tired of seeing Autumn tags and Autumn posts but people can't help it because Autumn is the only season where we can change our normal lazy ways and put more effort in our daily makeup routines.Today I decided to show you some lippies I'll be sporting this season.

Medora Glossy Lipstick "shade no 137"
A bright orange lipstick with a subtle golden shimmer.

Medora Matte Lipstick "shade no 251"
A deep brown colored lipstick.

Sweet Touch Lipstick "shade no 793"
A pinkish purple lipstick.My favorite of the bunch.

A purple Lipstick
The brand name and shade no has vanished.However the shade is a glossy subtle purple color,that is perfect for a light hint of purple on the lips.

A red lip gloss
The brand name has vanished but the shade no is 36.A very flattering orangish red gloss that applies like a lip cream rather than a gloss.

These were my Autumn lips selection.What are yours?

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