My 7 Bad Beauty Habits!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shh..... don't tell anyone.It is between you and me only.Can I trust you?Yes I can:)

I got this really nice post idea from Ziva's blog with the prettiest ever pictures called also gave us readers free reign to take the idea and post our own 7 bad beauty habits and I finally took the plunge.

1)Biting my nails:-
I mostly do this when I'm having sudden panic attacks and my hands just automatically go into my mouth,without me ever realizing.I really want to stop this habit and have pretty nails but I can't seem to stop.Even my friends laughingly make jokes of the weird texture and shape of my nails.

2)Not Cleaning my brushes:-
I need my brushes all the time from applying a base to a lip product.They always come handy and make my not so expert makeup applying way to a much decent looking one.But I'm quite cruel towards them as they are always left alone wanting to be cared for and washed.However after writing this post,I want to make my record straight.

3)Not cleaning my eyebrows:-
Now this may make you laugh and me so embarrassed.Sometimes my eyebrows look really bad and I take the time to make them look good but after doing only one eyebrow, I get so tired and irritated of plucking that I leave my other brow untended to.My family laughs at the natural way I carry them off around the house and I only clean them properly before going out.This is really lazy of me.

4)Not moisturizing my hands:-
My hands really get sore,rough and tight after dish washing or general cleaning around the house.But I'm such a slow person,either I forget applying a hand cream or just don't bother.

5)Not cutting my toenails:-
I'm strange,at one hand I bite my hand nails and in the other I don't cut my toenails on time.I hate the look of overgrown toenails and to wear pumps with them is really painful.But I don't care,I endure the pain and the hateful look of them.I only cut them when my mother forcibly thrusts a nail cutter into my hands.

6)Not moisturizing my lips:-
I love makeup especialliy lip products.But I'm so sluggish when it comes to applying a lip balm.My lips get white,small in appearance and really in need of some hydration.I only perform this step when I'm going out.

7)Not waxing:-
I hate even the name and mention of waxing especially the pain that comes with it.I shudder at the thought of waxing but hate shaving as it doesn't give a smooth and soft skin.So inorder to get away with waxing I don't purchase it for months on end.And walk around the house like a maniac with hairy legs and arms,ofcourse they are always covered but if my family sees the sight of them,there always comes loud guffaws.

I really enjoyed doing this post and made me realize how UGH sometimes I am.
Feel Free to do this post but don't forget to leave a comment and a blog link:)

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