Essence Home Sweet Home Blush Review!

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Now this is an item I recently bought and I have to say that the blush in the pan was too pretty to use because I didn't want to disturb the pleasing design.However I bit the bullet and swiped my brush in the pan.The aftermath was something I was not expecting.

I bought it for 430 PKR from an online shopping website

Silky soft blush for a natural and fresh looking complexion.

I must say that I like the clear plastic packaging by Essence.It looks neat and clean.The blush comes in a 8g container.The packaging is larger than the normal Essence blushes but easily fits into my handbag and the lid is tightly secured.

Home Sweet Home range comes with two powder blushes only.I picked the shade 01 knits for chicks.which is a two toned blush.The strip is of a pinkish berry shade while the overall blush is of light baby pink shade.

GOD,it is horrendous.The product is not at all finely milled.At first use the appealing design turns into your worst nightmare ever as the powder crumbles and you are left with crumbs in your blush container everywhere which looks really dirty and unattractive.

The finish is not what I would call great.It gives a nice but chalky effect and the baby pink shade highlights the cheeks a little.

Nothing to write home about.Without applying foundation it stayed upto 2 hours and with foundation it stayed upto 3 hours.I hate the fact that it doesn't even leave a hint of color once it vanishes.


The blush doesn't fulfill its claims.It isn't silky or soft however it does give a natural effect.The longevity is really poor and the fact that the powder is crumbly and chalky really disappointed me.There is too much fall out and the blush feels rough while applying.Plus points are that it doesn't have a scent,it is cheaply priced and only looks lovely the first time you buy it.This product is definitely a miss by the Essence company.

To those who don't care about the disadvantages of the blush and who want a cheaply priced blush.


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