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Friday, October 24, 2014


Photography is the most important factor of your blog and it is the only feature that makes your blog stand out.If your writing style is good but poor photography, nobody would want to read what you've written.However if both of these elements are well conducted then people would head over to read what you've written even if it contains a lengthy detail.I'm no blogging or photography expert but searching on the internet for innumerable hours hasn't been fruitless as I definitely have learned a thing or two to share.

Don't Use Flash
Take my advice and don't go to the darkest corner of your house to take photos with flash and more importantly stop being satisfied with those crappy pictures.Flash absolutely disrupts the natural beauty of a picture and gives it a fake artificial look which people I know abhor to look at , I do myself.

Do We Need DSLR
Everybody is talking about DSLR these days, so what? Be thankful of what you have and use the camera in hand.I use my mobile to take pictures which has a 5 MP camera and believe me it takes fairly good photos.It's actually the person who takes good photos, not the camera.Try to make the most of your camera's capacity.

Make sure the place where you are taking pictures is aflood with natural sunlight.Now I'm not telling you to take photos in the sunlight as it looks bad but take photos where there is enough of sunlight streaming in.Natural light as sunlight brings out the beauty of your pictures and keeps them looking natural and less grainy.

There maybe some cosmopolitan, vogue or allure magazines lying somewhere.Use them as backgrounds for your pictures rather than letting them wither away in dust.Flowers make really great props and make the pictures look beautiful.Also if you have a pretty rug or a simple white bedding, use them as they tend to give your pictures a nice background.My advice would be to keep everything white,simple and use less busy backgrounds.Please don't take pictures on the grass as it gives a boring and bad effect.Simplicity is the best policy.

When taking pictures, don't clutter them together but put them apart, in different angles, give them space to make them more noticeable for people.Also keeping space between your items helps to give a clean and clear look.

Fiddle With ISO
ISO is mostly in cameras even my mobile has this option, don't use the auto but rather use the modes to your own liking.I play around between 400 to 800 mode as these modes tend to make the pictures brighter and balance out the dark.These modes balance out the noise in the pictures and also set the lighting.

I edit my pictures with my mobile, not a very effective way of editing but I find it quick and easy.If your pictures are dark then set them with the exposure filter, avoid using brightness filter as it tends to dull and whiten the pictures rather then brightening them from within.If your pictures are looking dull then use the saturation filter to add color to your photos.If your pictures are overly bright set them with the contrast filter.Please in the end do sharpen the pictures with the sharpen filter as it clears the pictures.Don't go overboard with these filters as sometimes they can give a overly edited look to pictures.Keep everything natural and simple.

Editing Tools
Ulead, Adobe Photoshop,picmonkey, befunky and Microsoft photo manager are great tools for editing your pictures and have more effective filters than a mobile has.

Photo Inspiration
To take photos like they've just landed from a vogue magazine.We need inspiration and in order to take inspiration, read blogs with gorgeous pictures so that you have a little know how of, how to take good pictures? If you are into fashion blogging then read good fashion blogs and if you are a beauty blogger like me then look at some of my suggestions for photo inspiration.below.

So these were my tips to make your blog photos look good.I hope you liked this post and if you find this post helpful then please let me know in the comments.Happy Blogging:)

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