September Favorites

Friday, October 03, 2014

Me and a favorites post.Nah!You must be joking.Mostly I don't wear makeup except a lip product.However September felt a bit special for me.So I decided to take out all of my most used products of the month,snap a picture and get set go post my September Favorites.It's not much but enough for me.Take a look!

Dear Body Naked Love Fragrance Mist:
I have been praising this mist a lot.It smells wonderful,haven't experienced any problems with the spray nozzle,the bottle looks pretty and I'm happy.

Kathrina Ultra Luxury Eye And Lipliner "shade 25 white"
I bought it from a local store for 50 PKR only and I'm impressed with the results.Its creamy,long lasting,smudge proof and above all isn't crumbly which I've always experienced with cheap pencils.

Acme Lipstick:
Now I don't know anything about this brand,whether it's still available or not,I don't know.The shade of the lipstick has vanished and I'm totally clueless from where I bought it and for how much.However I use this lipstick a lot as you can tell from the picture.It's a nude-y brown shade which isn't too brown or dull looking when applied.It's perfect for me and lasts through meals and drinks nicely.

Color Studio Professional Nail Polish "Dynamite"
Whenever a special or a simple occasion came by,I always popped out this nail color and adorned my nails and toes with it.It's not pure red but a maroonish red shade,great for Autumn and it doesn't chip like some of the other nail polishes I've tried.

So these were my September Favorites and what were yours?

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  1. That nail varnish shade looks lovely - red is my favourite colour for nail paint in the winter months. I've been wearing a Barry M Hi-Shine Jelly Nail Paint a lot lately, I think it's called Pink Punch - a nice, bright, fuchsia pink colour :)


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