The One Lovely Blog Award!

Hi Readers,
I was nominated for The One Lovely Blog Award by Lauren O'Rourke from huge thanks to you Lauren for nominating me.I really apologize for being a little late in doing this post as I was kinda busy and such posts take real effort to do.However let's get crackin'.

The Award Rules:-
* Add the logo as above.
* Add these set of rules.
* Add seven facts about yourself.
* Thank the person who nominated you and leave their blog link.
*Nominate 15 other bloggers and leave their blog links.
* Inform the nominees that they've been selected.
* Follow the person who nominated you on bloglovin and GFC.

7 Facts About Me

1)I love to pop my pimples because I absolutely hate the sight of them.

2)My favorite singer is Dido.She has a beautiful voice.

3)I love chocolates.I can eat them anytime and anywhere.

4)I hate Maths and I don't know why it came into being.

5)My mother has to force me off the internet, I'm that addictive.

6)I feel annoyed when I'm beauty shopping and a sales girl comes along to inquire what I want to buy because I want free reign to check everything myself.

7)My all time favorite movie is My Diary by Barbie,I know It's too kiddo for me but I enjoy watching it.

My Nominees Are
Taylor Sheldon 
London Beauty Queen 
Rose Monique  black& 
Kelsey Dadmun 
Angelica P 
Pretty Perfect 
Katie Louise 
Rachel Marie 
Krithi Tm 

Phew! These were my nominees.Thanks again Lauren .I enjoyed doing this post.

Chaste & Beautiful


  1. Please my Nominees inform me once you do this post as I forgot to mention above.

  2. I hate maths too, haha, great post :)

    1. Glad to have finally found someone who hates math like me:)


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