The Cold Edit!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Winter is in the air,I can feel it as the days are generally getting colder and my mobile is constantly giving weather reports that the temperature is getting lower day by day.

Believe me winter hasn't arrived yet but the cold is taking a toll on my mood and in order to make the most of this weather and to survive it like a happy girl I've mentioned some things below that would keep my winter blues at bay.

Drinking Coffee:-
I really need something to warm up my body and calm down my nerves.Coffee is the beverage that keeps me warm,makes me happy,talkative and alive.

Reading Books:-
Lounging in the sun with a book in hand is the most cherished moment of my day.And winter gives the perfect opportunity so I gotta go and buy some books for myself.

No doubt I'm lazy at this but sometimes the thought of creamy lotions and potions really makes my mood for moisturizing my hands,feet and body.It takes time but it's worth it as I smell nice and even the spritz of a perfume stays longer.

Wearing my coziest outfit:-
There's nothing enjoyable than wearing my pyjamas,shirt and socks.After popping these on I can really spend the winter like a happy girl.

I need something that smells creamy,nutty,coconuty and above all floral.So my search for these types of scents is still on and I can't wait to grab it whether It's a perfume,shower gel,a body mist or a lotion.

These are the items or call it my "mood changers" I certainly need to spend these cold days that are just around the corner.I want to prepare myself before they arrive.

What are your winter essentials?

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