Book Review # 2

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Let me tell you that Sophie Kinsella is my favorite author and chick lit genre is the one I really love.Sophie Kinsella's books come in chick lit genre and I simply adore the way she writes.Her books are fast paced,humorous,spicy,unpredictable, totally worth devouring and perfect for teenagers.However today I'm going to review " The Undomestic Goddess " by Sophie Kinsella.

Samantha Sweeting is a braniac with an IQ of 158 and works as a lawyer in a top-notch law firm.She's about to be promoted to the partnership level when she makes a terrible mistake and in order to stop the shame she would suffer, she runs away from the office to a place she doesn't even know.There, her life takes a turn and she becomes a house keeper without even knowing how to switch on an oven.Her journey will tell how she battles with a washing machine,broom and a duster.Don't forget there's a love story sparking at the bottom and you have to explore if she would get her job back or not?

This is the main story and you have to discover all the untold events yourself.Believe me readers,give it a read,you won't be disappointed.

Who is your favorite author?

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