The Autumn Tag!

Monday, 29 September 2014

As Autumn is around the corner.I decided to do an Autumn post and exactly found a wonderful Autumn Tag from this lovely blog hope I enjoy answering the questions.

1)What's your favorite seasonal drink from Starbucks or another coffee shop?
I do not buy coffee from shops but make my own which is the perfect creamy coffee for me.

2)Accessories - what do you opt for scarf, boots, gloves?
Definitely a pretty scarf to warm up my body and give me that light float-y feel.

3)Music - what's your favorite music to listen to during Autumn?
I'm currently listening to Que Sera by Justice Crew and this will be in my Autumn music list as well.I've also decided to listen to Dido more often in Autumn.

4)Perfume - what's your favorite scent for this time of year?
I do not have a favorite perfume but have found my love in the Dear Body Naked Love Fragrance Mist which would be my go to scent in Autumn.You can read the review of this mist on my blog.

5)Candles - what scents will you be burning this season?
I'm not interested in candles and if I need one then I'll buy the unscented ones.

6)What do you love most about Autumn?
The light breeze that keeps blowing.Everything looks so fresh and beautiful.The freedom that we can wear makeup without becoming a sweaty clown like in the Summers.

7)Favorite makeup look?
A dewy look with coral cheeks, rosy lips and a gold eyeshadow in the inner corners of my eyes for a more wide awake look.

8)What are you looking forward to most in Autumn?
To read lots of books, indulge in a long me time and curl up on the sofa with my mum for an endearing conversation.

I loved doing this post.Feel free my readers to do this tag but let me know once you do this because I would like to read your answers.Don't forget to comment:)

Liebster Award!

Friday, 26 September 2014

Hello everyone!
I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Rose Monique from the blog black& a lot Rose for nominating me.I hope I enjoy writing the answers as much as I enjoyed reading Rose Monique's answers.

11 facts about me:
* I'm a college going student.
* I'm terrible at Maths.
* My favorite subject is English.
* I never leave my house without wearing a lipstick,lip balm or a lip gloss.
* I love reading books.
* My favorite author is Sophie Kinsella.
* I'm a sucker for all things related to beauty.
* I want to make a large collection of makeup.
* I have two brothers only.
* My all time favorite singer is Dido.
* I can't live without my mother.

Questions & Answers:
1)How did you choose the name of your blog?
I did not choose the name of my blog but asked my mother to think of a nice name and she suggested this name Chaste & Beautiful which I think is an adorable name.

2)Favorite holiday?
Spending my weekends in a shopping mall which caters to all of my favorite makeup brands is my kind of favorite holiday.

3)Favorite food?
Pizza! I can eat pizza anytime and anywhere.

4)Name one blog that you have to read everyday?
I would say the blog by Rebecca Bergamasco called's photography is awesome.I can stare at it for hours on end and her writing style is very thought provoking.My day is empty if I do not visit her blog everyday.

5)Have you read my blog before?

6)Favorite quote?
" Life has a way of testing a person's will,either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen at once ".Paulo Coelho

7)How would you say has been your greatest accomplishment so far?
Completing my O'levels.

8)What's your favorite thing about your mom?
Now there are so many things to name but the thing I most admire about her is that she shares the same love of makeup I do and gets excited whenever I shop online and never stops me from buying makeup.

9)Do you remember the happiest moment of your life?Tell us about it.
I'm still waiting for it.

10)What are you thinking about?
I'm still thinking is my blog worth a Liebster Award.

11)What's your biggest goal in life?
To do M Phil in English Literature.

Rules of Liebster Award:
* You must write 11 facts about you.
* You must link back the person who tagged you.
* You must answer all of my questions.
* You must come up with ten other questions all on your own.
* You must tag 11 other bloggers with under 200 followers.
* You must let me know when you answer the questions.
* Enjoy and have fun.

My Nominees Are:
* Rebecca Bergamasco from the blog the lovely prose.
* Shannon Griffiths from the blog Essentially Shannon.
* Taylor Sheldon from the blog Another Fashion Fanatic.
* Kate Young from the blog Kate Elizabeth Jessica Young.
* Carina from the blog the golden avenue.
* Elise Mooijman from the blog The Beauty Suitcase.
* Emily from the blog life of emilyyx.
* Pretty Perfect from the blog pretty perfect xoxo.
*Saskia from the blog saskiaalicebeauty.
*Emma from the blog haveacupofteax.
* Jessica from the blog Making It Up.

My questions are:
1)What inspired you to start blogging?
2)Your favorite makeup brand and why?
3)Your favorite celebrity?
4)A makeup item you can't leave home without?
5)What's in your makeup bag?
6)Your favorite movie?
7)Your favorite shopping destination?
8)Do you think life is beautiful?Why?
9)How many siblings do you have?
10)Your favorite blogger?

Well I had fun doing this post and thanks again Rose for nominating me.

My Five Favorite Beauty Youtubers!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

I always look forward to the weekends when I would curl up on my sofa and watch my Five Favorite Beauty Youtubers that are absolute experts in the beauty field.

* Tanya Burr
This girl does makeup like a wonder woman and can transfer from Tanya Burr to Lana Del Ray within minutes.Be sure to watch her, she's amazing.

* Zoella
Now she is more of a fun and chirpy type of beauty youtuber.I love watching her videos especially the ones she does with Tanya Burr.They both are besties.

* Lisa Eldridge
She is a professional celebrity makeup artist.Her tricks and tips are worth trying.She is multi talented and can transform you from a beggar to Keira Knightley in no time at all "LOLZ" Must Watch.

* Alix from the beauty blog " I Covet thee "
The reason I watch her videos is because she's bloomin beautiful and looks so much like Drew Barrymore.However I love watching her makeup tutorials and skincare routines.

* Essie Button
How can I forget Essie Button when she's my most favorite of the bunch.This girl has a knack for making me lure into buying beauty products.She reviews a product like it's worth having.After watching Essie's video my heartbeat gets faster than normal and my makeup obsession is ten times stronger.If you want to have a good laugh then head over to watch Essie's beauty channel,trust me she won't bore you at all.

These are the ladies which made me aware about beauty and products worth having.I'm glad I stumbled upon their beauty channels.

I hope you liked my favorites and I would love to hear about your favorite youtubers as well.

Noodles "Food # 1"

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Hello readers,
I hope you all are doing good.Well I've also decided to start a little food series in which I would keep you updated about my cooking endeavors with my mum and would also include recipes as well.For now I recently made Chicken Noodles with my dear mother and here is the recipe for you to try.

Boneless chicken =1kg (bite size pieces)
Macaroni =2 packets
Egg Noodles =1 packet
Spring Onions =250 gms (cut into cubes)
Carrots =250 gms (cut into cubes)
Green Capsicum =250 gms (cut into cubes)
Black Pepper Powder (according to preference)
Chinese Salt (according to preference)
Soya Sauce (according to preference)
White Vinegar (according to preference)
Plain Salt (according to preference)
Cooking Oil (according to preference)
Tomato Ketchup (optional)

Boil macaroni and egg noodles in salted water till soft.Discard the remaining water and pour cold water on the pasta so that it doesn't stick together,strain and set aside.
In a large pan, pour some cooking oil when it's hot,add chicken,spring onions,carrots and capsicum.Now sprinkle chinese salt,black pepper,soya sauce and white vinegar.Fry over low heat till everything is tender.Now take a very large pan and put it over low flame.Put in the pasta and the chicken vegetable mixture.Mix it all well.Then cover it with a lid and let it remain on flame till the chicken noodles are hot.Now serve it plain or with tomato ketchup.

P.S. the noodles were scrumptious and I had mouthfuls of it.

Essence Lipstick Review!

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Fancy having a glittery lipstick for a night out then look no further because the lipstick I'm going to review today is perfect for this purpose.

Essence lipsticks come in names and numbers are also included.The shade I have is Rockin Red 62.A pretty maroonish red with glitter that looks amazing when applied,not at all weird or too glittery.

I bought it for 360 PKR from Al Fatah.

A tangy scent that smells really good.Won't bother you.

A simple maroonish red packaging that simply shows what the color of the lipstick would be.Now that's a good thing about their packaging.

Glossy and in a pretty way glittery.


4 to 5 hours without eating/drinking so you have to reapply after eating/drinking.However it gives a nice stained look to the lips.

My take:
Essence lipsticks have a balm like texture which glides on easily and is super moisturizing.Two swipes are needed to coat the lips and the longevity is not good enough to stay for hours.The lipstick has subtle glitter that looks really lovely especially in the evenings.The lipstick gives me a fresh,young and a flattering appeal which I adore.It does transfer so be sure to take a dainty sip or bite while eating/drinking "joking" eat and drink the way you like, don't bother about the lipstick.It's travel friendly,securely packaged and not to forget for the price it is a steal.Go and grab it.


Would I repurchase:

Sweet Touch Lipstick Review!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

There are days when you want to sport a bright lip color and go anywhere other than work or college.Well this is a perfect description of me and in order to succumb to my so called mood changes, I reach for my Sweet Touch Lipstick which are made in Germany.

Sweet Touch lipsticks come in numbers not in names.The shade I have is 793.A bright pinkish purple color that looks flattering but bold.

I bought it for 250 PKR from Al Fatah.

A simple pinkish purple packaging.Secure and travel friendly but cheap looking.

A sweet almost like a cocoa powder scent.I like it.

None, comes in a cardboard box which I threw away without knowing that someday I would do beauty blogging and it'll come handy.

7 and 8 hours and it has a tendency to gather round the mouth like a ring if ofcourse you eat lipstick or lick your lips maddeningly.Good lasting power.


Creamy but drying

My thoughts:
I used to love bright lip colors but when many drugstore brands came up with brilliant nude lipsticks which I also came to acknowledge suited me well,changed my opinion and now I'm more of a nude lipstick lover.
However sometimes I do wear bright lipsticks and this one is the most used one.It can give me a soft pink look and a bold look at the same time, it only depends on me how I apply it.The lipstick has a creamy formula but is drying and emphasizes fine sure to apply lip balm underneath.I love the lasting power even with eating/drinking it stays put without having to reapply.The lipstick is not at all moisturizing but glides on easily and one swipe is enough to coat the lips.It doesn't transfer and is cheaply priced.Overall I would say this is a nice lipstick for such a cheap price and the color is really pretty.

To the lovers of bright lipsticks and to those who do not want a big hole in their pockets.

Would I repurchase:
In another range.

Book Review # 1

I'm going to start a book series in which I would write the reviews of the books I've read.Today the book I'm going to review is "The Fault In Our Stars" by John Green and believe me I myself don't know what I'm going to write.

The Fault In Our Stars has been tremendously raved about on the internet and after giving it a read,I was confused and a little irritated for not having the same favourable feelings like the entire lovers of "The Fault In Our Stars" felt.

I'm not trying to be biased here nor I'm being in favour.This book is about a girl named Hazel who suffers from lung cancer and during her phase she meets Augustus Waters who is a funny and a cool guy.Hazel is surrounded by cancer patients as the story revolves around cancer and the two characters fall in love with each other but destiny has something else in store for them.Now that is a page turning chapter because both the characters know that they would have to face the unavoidable.

When I finished this book, I felt a bit emotional but didn't fell head over heels in love with this book but I agree that this book has a special beauty which many others don't.The beauty lies in the way the writer has written the book.He makes us aware of the things we ignore.He has told us that cancer patients feel the same way as we normal people do.We are able to feel the emotional period cancer patients go through and how strong and struggling they are.Whenever Augustus popped a cigarette in his mouth without lighting it,it made me smile and sad at the same time.

This book is sweet,humorous,sad and the writer did a wonderful job of keeping the characters lively and connected in numerous ways till the end.I so wished I knew half the vocabulary the writer used in this book.Overall I liked it and would recommend it to people who like to read sorrowful and emotional stuff.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Writing about a foundation gives me creeps because I find myself immature in this field.So to give me the strength to write a foundation review all credit goes to the wonderful beauty blogs out there who leave no stone unturned in reviewing or testing a foundation perfectly.Inspired by some beauty blogs I have finally bit the bullet and displayed infront of you the review of my favorite Maybelline Fit Me Foundation.

I bought it for 795 Pkr from Al Fatah.

It is a transparent glass bottle of 30 ml with a black pump and a black cap.Simple looking but secure packaging.Thank God it comes with a pump.

None but contains SPF 18.Having SPF in products is always a plus.

125 nude beige.

A pleasant floral scent that won't bother you.However the scent vanishes after application.

7 to 8 hours,after that you can see the traces of foundation slipping away.A good lasting power.

My thoughts:
I find the price of the foundation very reasonable and the foundation clearly competes with some of the good foundations out there.The texture is neither too thick nor too watery,just the perfect in between consistency that is ideal for blending.A pea sized amount is enough to cover the face and you don't have to quicken you pace while blending,take your time because it blends like a dream.The shade 125 nude beige goes flawlessly with my skin tone and after the foundation has blended,nothing can be detected because it gives an amazing natural finish.The coverage is light to medium so I need the help of a concealer to hide some of my pimples otherwise small pimples are hardly visible after application.When I applied this foundation,my face looked matte but gradually after an hour or so,my complexion looked glowy and dewy,not oily but a healthy dewy color.This foundation does not cling to my skin's dry patches nor does it emphasize my dry/combination skin tone.It keeps my face moisturised and is so lightweight I hardly feel I'm wearing anything even while sweating it stays put and doesn't irritate my skin.I had used some foundations that made me look dark complexioned,horribly oily and dull at the end of the day but this keeps me looking fresh and beautiful in my own skin and a dab of powder on my T zone is all I need.Overall I would give 4/5 to this foundation.

To those with dry skins and to ones who want a reasonably priced but a good foundation.

Would I repurchase:

Saturday, 13 September 2014

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Classics Perfect Longlasting Lipstick Review!

Hi readers!
I have always been searching for the right shade of orange that would go flawlessly with my light/medium skin tone.Alas I haven't found any and during my hunting adventure I came upon this Classics Perfect Long Lasting Lipstick.Now this isn't a perfect orange but I have been reaching for it in mornings to get ready and whatever I wear it goes with all of my attires.

I bought it for 225 Pkr from Al Fatah.

The shade is 129.A pretty orange/peachy color.

None,this lipstick came with a white cardboard box but I lost it somewhere so I'm not familiar with the claims or ingredients either.

The lipstick comes in a white lipstick container with silver detailings.The packaging is fine,nothing to write home about.The lipstick is 4,2 g.

It stays for 1 hour with eating/drinking included and with eating/drinking excluded it stays for 3 to 4 hours.Quite a poor lasting power.

My thoughts:
The lipstick has a creamy/glossy finish and glides on easily without emphasizing fine lines or being too drying.The shade is light but buildable and two swipes are enough to coat the lips properly.Whenever I apply this lipstick I feel that my complexion looks darker.The lipstick does not gather around the sides of the lips which looks so yuck and has a pleasant smell.It's definitely travel friendly,keeps lips moisturized,doesn't transfer and I haven't experienced any problems with the lipstick's packaging.For the price I think it's a nice lipstick and on teenagers with fair tones it would look lovely.

Buy it if you don't want to purchase expensive orange lipsticks.

Would I repurchase:
I'm still on the hunt,so I won't.

Suggest me some good orange lipsticks,folks.

Dear Body Naked Love Fragrance Mist Review!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Now,now life seems empty and boring without a fragrance,right?A total makeover is incomplete without an amazing scent to pursue you.Today I have the right fragrance to review and I'm absolutely in love with this Naked Love Fragrance Mist.

I bought it for 295 Pkr from Al Fatah.

Inspire desire with the power of scent.Be a bit naughty.Have a little fun.Get Naked Love by the intoxicating blend of Forbidden Apple and Sultry Woods.
Infused with our exclusive Ever Tempt fragrance blend,the secret to more intense appeal,this body mist leaves you feeling truly irresistible.Chamomile and Aloe indulge skin for the sexiest all over body experience.

You may find the bottle simple looking but I like the packaging's simplicity and color combination.It is a transparent bottle of 250 ml with a black nozzle for spraying and a pink cap.The bottle does not leak neither I have faced any problems with the spray nozzle.

Well,I don't know anything about forbidden apple,Chamomile and Aloe but I do know this mist has one helluva woody/musky scent.I love musky smells and they are hard to find in Body Mists so I'm glad I came across this Fragrance Mist.

It stays up to 6 to 8 hours which is quite a lot staying power for a body mist.

My thoughts:
Ok,I need to tell you my thoughts,right?then I'll say out loud I LOVE THIS FRAGRANCE MIST.It has this sexy girly scent which stays put more than you can imagine.The bottle looks lovely on my vanity and I've been hearing praises that I smell really good.So I think you got the whole picture.Need I say more?

Everyone out there,buy it,you'll love it.

Would I repurchase?
Yes,ofcourse if I won't then who else?

My Essentials!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Hello readers
Yesterday I went to Al Fatah desperately wanting to fill up my essentials that had been empty.I needed some new soaps so I opted for a cheaper version.

Godrej Cinthol Soaps
They come for 32 Pkr and smell nice.I try to stay away from shower gels in summer because they make me feel greasy.The soaps were average to use and I've learnt a lesson I'm never going to go for cheap soaps again.

Next I needed a talcum powder and not to forget a body mist.

Christian Dior Poison Talcum Powder
This came for 100 Pkr and really helps keeping me smelling nice throughout the day.I have been buying them for ages and always trying their various ranges.Dare I say these powders satisfy me and smell so much like the Christian Dior Poison Perfume.

Naked Love Fragrance Mist
I usually buy the Dear Body,"Body Splashes" that are great dupes of the Bath & Body Works Body Mist and are available for 155 Pkr.However yesterday this Naked Love Fragrance Mist caught my fancy and I bought it for 295 Pkr.It smells amazing,almost woody and lasts for hours.

How can I forget a shampoo and I use the:

Head & Shoulders Anti Hairfall Shampoo
Believe me I've tried numerous shampoos but the one which only suits me is Head & Shoulders.It keeps my dandruff at bay and smells nice.It lathers wonderfully and gives me a squeaky clean scalp.It comes for 565 Pkr in a 700 ml bottle which lasts for months.

A book is a must to spend these lazy summer days so I chose this book,"The Fault In Our Stars",By John Green.I've read great reviews about this book and the movie so I really wanted to give it a read.After I finish reading this book I would write a full on review about it.

Bath & Body Works Be Enchanted Body Lotion Review!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Hello readers!
I know summers can really make us lazy and we tend to not care for ourselves but some products are there for us to speed up our pampering routines.Well today the product is one which is excellent for moisturizing our body without making us feel greasy.It is the Bath & Body Works Be Enchanted Body Lotion.I try to stay away from moisturizers in summer but still our body needs moisturizing in the summers even,so I use this lotion.

I bought it for 1495 Pkr from Al Fatah.

I absolutely love Bath & Body Works products packaging.It's perfect for luring people into buying.It is a transparent 236 ml bottle with a flip flop silver cap.There is no fear of leakage but the bottle is ofcourse not travel friendly due to its big size.

You can read the claims from the picture below.

They claim to have included so many fragrances but the one I detected was a nice floral scent.

My experience:
Let me tell you this is amazing.I applied this lotion on my hands and face before sleeping and the next morning when I woke up I still smelt of this lotion so its definitely long lasting.It makes my hands and face feel so smooth and soft without making me feel greasy.It has a light consistency which is perfect for moisturizing in summers and the lotion absorbs quickly as well.Bad thing is its quite pricey for a lotion and cannot be bought monthly so I only buy it when I have collected my pocket money.

I would recommend this to everyone,believe me you won't be disappointed.

Would I buy it again:
Yes,ofcourse but in another range.

Hope you liked my review.What are your go to moisturizers in summer?

Essence Silky Touch Blush Review!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Hello readers!
Recently I have been loading my makeup stash with Essence products and not once have I repented.It's definitely a good company and if you want to collect makeup while sticking to your budget then have a nosey around the Essence makeup counter.So today I'll review the Essence Silky Touch Blush.

30 secret it girl.A gorgeous coral shade.

I bought it for 530 Pkr from Al Fatah.

A simple but cute looking transparent container with 5g product in it.Secure and travel friendly packaging.

Silky soft blush for a fresh looking complexion all day long.

My thoughts:
The reason I bought it was its pretty coral shade.I got a bit disappointed to find the color too light but the shade is buildable.Be sure to take a generous amount while applying the blush.The formula glides on easily,a little chalky perhaps but easy to work with.The blush leaves a lovely healthy color to the cheeks without being too orangey or overpowering.It has a subtle shimmer in it as well but is hardly noticeable when applied.The product does not fulfill its longevity claim and only stays for 1 to 2 hours which for sure is a very poor lasting power.The product is easily available and the price it comes for is so cheap.Overall I would say that it is a nice blush and the color is gorgeous for the fair toned ones however the dark skinned ones may not like it because the color is too light for them.

To those who want a budget friendly blush and to fair toned people because the shade is perfect for them.

Would I buy it again:
Not now,first I want to try all powder blushes by Essence then maybe I'll come back to this one because the shade is just right for me.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Review!

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Back in 2013 BB creams were a rage among beauty bloggers and now CC creams have taken all the limelight.I know I'm a little late for this review but beauty products are never outdated enough to not to review,right?The reason I bought this was my curiosity to find out what a BB cream is like and let's see if my curiosity has paid me well or not?

I bought it for 449 Pkr from Al Fatah.

Only 2 shades are available in the Garnier BB cream range and that is a big con because the dark skinned beauties have not been given a choice to choose from.The shades are light to medium and medium to dark.I bought the light version and I feel It's a bit dark for me.

German and Indian version of BB creams was available at Al Fatah.I opted for the German version.

It is a simple beige tube of 50 ml (which I think is a nice quantity for such a cheap price) and has a white flip flop cap.I have to squeeze the tube hard to make the product come out and sometimes a huge blob of the product comes out,resulting in a terrible waste.

It has a nice floral scent but sometimes it can be too overpowering for me and gives me a headache.Even after application the scent lingers which is so annoying.

It has a thick texture but easily blendable.Don't forget to blend quickly because the BB drys quickly.

It stays put for 6 to 7 hours but after that you can trace the BB vanishing.

Too many statements written on the product but I will concentrate on the main ones.
* Evens tone + boosts glow
* Blurs imperfections
* Smoothes fine lines
* 24hr hydration
* SPF 15 UV protection

My thoughts:
When I newly bought it and I applied it to go to a school party,the BB blended seamlessly,my face looked glowy and my pimples looked a lot less visible.During the day,my friends couldn't tell I had applied anything but praised me continuously for how good my skin looked.I came back home and believe me what I saw,stunned me.My face looked oily,my nose looked large due to oiliness and my complexion looked darker than it really is.Out of sheer anger,I washed my face and from that day on I promised myself that I won't use it again.However after months of having it in my stash,I applied it again and liked it.Now,this may make you laugh but seriously I started to like the BB and concentrated on the pros only.Yes,it evens my skin tone,my pimples look less visible,I love the glowy complexion it gives and top of it all it contains SPF.Now I use it everyday because it moisturizes my face without making me feel greasy and is a great product for this harsh summer weather.At the end of the day I do tend to look quite oily and grey but few swipes of face powder does the trick to make me look fresh again.So my curiosity has paid me well.

For those who don't want to spend much on BB creams but still want a reasonable product and this is definitely a product for the dry skins to try.

Would I buy it again:
No,because now I want to indulge in the CC cream craze.

Nivea Sparkling White Whitening Facial Scrub Review!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Hello Readers!
I have never followed a strict skincare routine neither I have fixed skincare products.I keep changing and experimenting with skincare products according to my budget.Recently I bought this Nivea Whitening Facial Scrub and this is my first one because I have never used facial scrubs before but have tried several other simple scrubs.

I bought it for 295 Pkr from Al Fatah.

It is a 100 ml pink,white tube with a pink flip flop cap.Nothing chic!Just average looking packaging but to tell you honestly I am crazy about tube packagings.

All is written in Malay so it would be almost impossible for me to translate.Basically this product is made in Malaysia,Indonesia.

My take:
The product comes out according to the desired amount.The packaging is secure,travel friendly and does not leak.It does not contain parabens and SLS.The scrub has a thick creamy texture with tiny grains that almost vanish or do not feel while applying the product on the face.A pea sized amount is enough to massage the face and the scrub foams up beautifully.I don't like it that the grains disappear and it almost feels like I'm massaging nothing than foam on my face.The scrub comes off easily,my face looks fresh and clean but it so copies the image of a wrung towel.It has this way of controlling oil for 5 to 10 minutes and I already have a dry/combination skin so I don't like oil controlling products for my face.After sometime I also noticed redness appearing on my cheeks,forehead and chin with itchiness.This product does not suit me but better suits my mother who likes it.So officially I have given this scrub to my mother who has an oily/combination skin.Overall I would say that this is a good product for oily beauties,it lathers nicely,smells nice,cleans the face properly,is cheap,travel friendly and easily available.But dry skins please stay away from this product.

Only for people with oily skins.

Would I buy it again:
No,not again.

The Birdie's Shelter!

Well,readers this post is about a I had last month when it was raining and this lovely birdie came and perched on my bedroom window sill.Luckily I had the camera in my hand and I lost no time in capturing the picture perfect moment.

Essence Stay Natural Concealer Review!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Hello readers!
Aren't we crazy putting up another layer of concealer after already applying a layer of foundation.No,we aren't because these are the perfect little things that should be in almost everyone's makeup collection to hide those pesky little spots and those annoying dark circles.This Essence Stay Natural Concealer had been lying in my makeup stash for quite sometime and today I got the time to review it.Let me tell you this is my first concealer and I'm impressed.

I bought it for 440 Pkr from Al Fatah.

The shade I chose is 01 Soft Beige.I think it's a bit light for me but it goes perfectly with my foundation.

It is a fine beige pen of 1.5 ml with a pink cap.This concealer comes in a pen shape with a brush applicator and it twists from the bottom.It is travel friendly and there is no fear of any leakage.

Naturally covers imperfections and reduces dark circles with vitamin A.

My take:
Let me first tell you that I much prefer sponge tip applicators than the brush ones.Also the twist at the bottom sometimes squeezes out more product than is needed.The concealer has a light creamy texture that is easily blendable and after blending the concealer it does not feel heavy under the eyes.It sinks in the skin perfectly without giving a cakey look instead it illuminates my almost undetectable under eye circles,giving a more wide awake look.It is a perfect concealer for ones with less dark circles and morning makeup routines.Now on to the pimples and redness.It hides redness as perfectly as light dark circles but in the pimple department it is a flop.It will hide your tiniest of pimples but to hide the big ones is not its game to play.Here the concealer totally fails,I so wish this concealer could hide the big pimples but no!All in all it is good for small pimples and light dark circles.

This is a reasonable concealer for starters and for people blessed with flawless skin and minor imperfections.

I like it but I want to try the much raved about concealers such as Maybelline Fit Me Concealer,so no.

Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner Review!

Hello readers!
So basically I like to keep my eyes looking simple and makeup free.Eyeliner is not my thing but looks good on me and having a few in my makeup stash won't hurt.Recently I purchased this Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner in black and believe me I'm surprised.

I bought it for 440 Pkr from Al Fatah.

Very simple black 3 ml container with a silver capped brush applicator.Decent looking and travel friendly.

Liquid Ink Eyeliner with high precision brush applicator.

My take:
When I bought this I thought it won't be very good due to the cheap price but it amazed me.It has a tiny brush which gives excellent control to apply the eyeliner swiftly and flawlessly.I applied it in the evening to go to a party and after 3 hours my eyeliner still looked fresh and in its place without any smudge.This is definitely a hit by the Essence company.It is neither too dry nor too watery.This eyeliner does not lose its shine once it has dried and makes my eyes look so beautiful.It can be easily removed with a makeup remover or water because it does not have a rough formula that wouldn't come off.

I would definitely recommend this to everyone.

Would I buy it again:
Yes,ofcourse and would also try the pen version by Essence.

Essence Get Big Lashes Mascara Review!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Hello Readers!
Who doesn't want a mascara that's cheap and gives long and lustrous lashes?Well I do and today I will review the Essence Get Big Lashes Volume Boost Mascara.

For maximum volume and especially.thick lashes.

It's very cheap but of good quality.I bought it for 440 Pkr from Al Fatah.

Nothing outstanding!Just a simple black container of 12 ml and is styled with yellow detailings.The wand is quite big and the container looks big too.

The mascara is not too dry and neither a watery formula,it's in between these formula which I almost appreciate.The wand is big enough to coat all of my upper lashes but I have to be careful to not to smudge my upper eyelids and have to be cautious so that the wand doesn't get into my eyes.While applying mascara I do get teary eyed but this mascara does not let that happen.It has a weird smell but it is undetectable.I have to be really cautious in coating my lower eyelashes and it lacks perfection in coating the lower eyelashes.Overall it is a nice mascara and makes my lashes look long and beautiful.It does not clump and is long lasting because I wore it in the morning to get ready for school and I came back home still finding the mascara in its place so it stayed put for almost 6 hours.

I would recommend this for starters and those who want to stick to their budget.
Would I buy it:
No,I want to try other drugstore mascaras with thin wands but it does not mean I do not like this mascara.