Suave Sandalwood & Cinnamon Body Lotion Review!

Saturday, November 01, 2014


Hello Readers,
Autumn is the most awaited season but it certainly has its downsides as well.Such as it plays havoc on the hair and skin and moisturizing is a term we shouldn't be lazy about in this season so I decided to buy this Suave Sandalwood & Cinnamon Body Lotion.Let's see if it was a good buy or not.

I bought it for 336 PKR from Al Fatah.

This unique formula provides delicious moisturization, leaving your skin looking beautifully moisturized.The sensual scent of Sandalwood and Cinnamon will leave your skin smelling soft and silky.

Just a simple white plastic bottle of 532 ml with a silver pump.I favor pumps more than flip flop caps.The bottle is secure and no leakage problem.

It isn't good and isn't bad either but I don't like it much.

God! It's abhorable.It feels like I'm literally massaging milk into my skin because the consistency is very watery.Beware while pumping out the lotion.

My Take
The claims are completely made up because it doesn't provide delicious moisturizing, it isn't a unique formula and the smell is nothing to write home about.It takes forever to sink into the skin and the moisturized effect is fair, not at all a good lotion for winters but yeah is nice for summers.I use this on my face only but it isn't suitable for using on body.You get a good quantity for such an affordable price but let me tell you I'm using this lotion a lot just to finish it quickly and to find something more worthwhile.There is one thing about this lotion that I like a lot, it has made my pimples a lot less small in size and my skin is starting to look more clear and poreless.It isn't greasy and hasn't irritated my sensitive skin.Overall I do not like this lotion because I do not enjoy applying it to my face.

No, its not good for winter.

Would I Repurchase
No, I'm going to buy my trusty old St Ives Lotion.

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