Food # 2 Shami Kebabs!

Thursday, November 06, 2014


Some days ago I made Shami Kebabs with my mother and they were so delicious that I had to share a recipe.Have a look!

1) Beef Mince = 1kg
2) Gram Lentils = 1/2 kg soak in water for an hour.
3) Salt = as required
4) Red Chilli Powder = 1tsp
5) Cloves = 4
6) Cinnamon = 1-2 sticks
7) Black Cardamom = 2-3
8) Cumin Seeds = 1-2 tsp
9) Onions = 4
10) Garlic = 8-10 cloves peeled and chopped
11) Green Chillies = 3-4 chopped
12) Coriander Leaves = a bunch chopped
13) Eggs = 4
14) Water = 1-2 glass

1) Take a pressure cooker and put in beef mince, gram lentils(drained), salt, red chilli powder, cloves, cinnamon, black cardamom, 1 onion chopped, garlic, chopped green chillies and 1 glass water.
2) Give all of it a steam for 10 minutes.
3) Take off the lid and mix it well, then let it cool for an hour.
4) Now chop it all in a chopper.
5) Take the remaining 3 onions and cut them in small cubes.
6) Put the cubed onions, chopped coriander and cumin seeds in the mince mixture.
7) Mix it all with hands.
8) After mixing, take small portions of the mix in your hands and make a ball of about ping pong sized ball, then flatten it on your palm.It should be the size of your palm as in the picture given.
9) Whisk the eggs together.
10) Dip the kebabs in the egg, then fry it in the frying pan from both sides and serve hot with ketchup.

You should be able to make 32-36 kebabs with this recipe.Enjoy:)

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