Beauty Products Used By Both Male And Female!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


If I started a whole lecture on this topic then this subject knows no bounds. To write about the whole lot of men and women using various beauty products, I need to carry out a thorough and extensive research which I'm not ready to do. So today I will only figure out those products which I've seen myself used by both male and female.

You may be curious as to why anyone would want to apply foundation on their face. Women's use of foundation is justified but a man is quite questionable? However I know an uncle of mine who had  serious injuries due to an accident and that accident left scars on his forehead. So to hide those marks he uses foundation everyday.

Shower Gels
One day I bought a new shower gel for myself and within a few days, I noticed the sudden low quantity of my gel without me really using it that much. I got the answer as my brother took a shower and I smelled the familiar scent of my shower gel. After he came out, he asked me to bring the same one for him as well.

Shampoos and Haircare
This is a known fact that houses with especially many inmates buy large quantity shampoos and everybody uses it regardless of their gender. Not to forget my conditioner's sizable quantity is finished within weeks. And I think it isn't hard to guess who the perts were, ofcourse my brothers.

Soaps and Toothpastes
This is used in every household by everyone.

Perfumes and Deodorants
Some days ago I saw my brother spritzing my own perfume and his perfume as well. I laughed at the hilarity of the situation and scolded him for using my worthy perfume. But he told me that mine smelled better than his.

Skincare Products
I use my scrub, face wash, toner, mask and moisturizer everyday and as much as I use it, it is also used tirelessly by my brothers. I do have that angry expression on my face when they sneak my products in the bathroom but at the end of the day I do have a good laugh and it gives me an excuse to buy various new skincare products.

Talcum Powder
This is mostly used in summers and is a cult favorite of me and my entire family to ward off any bad smell.

I love lip products especially lip balms and apply them whenever I'm feeling like it or before going out. And in the other room, my brother is almost doing the same thing with my own lipbalms.

I told everything that me and my brothers both use but as a general information, the male models, actors or any male who appears on tv has a face full of makeup. You name it and its on their faces, be it mascara, kohl, face powder, concealer, lipstick, blush and God help me what not! And I think looking at a picture of Michael
Jackson even from far would confirm your suspicions. He used to be the one with a bold bright red lipstick.

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