My Stress Busters!

Sunday, November 16, 2014


There are days when you want to doze off in self pity and never ever want to leave the bed. But there is a system fixed in everyone's mind that knows that somehow you have to perk up and indulge in our frantic daily lives. So when this situation arises, I have somethings that keep my emotions at bay.

Drinking Tea
Tea is a beverage that really calms me and perks my saddened mood fast.

Reading Books
Rereading my favorite books is my best stress reliever and takes my mood somewhere else, probably fantasy, much better than sulking in real life!

Eating Chocolate
Take my advice and munch chocolate when you feel down as it would stop your eyes from welling up. My own experience.

Reading My Favorite Blogs
There is nothing more relieving than keeping up to date with my favorite blogs and the inspiring content and lustful makeup pictures puts a smile on my face.

Applying Makeup
I mostly do this when I'm bored or not feeling exactly joyous. The sight of my makeup boxes and cute makeup items perks up my mood and the feel of a foundation being blended into my skin is so dreamy. A makeup lover like me would understand.

Trying Outfits
Changing clothes, mismatching, and showing off my outfits to my mum, makes me forget my worries and I get lost in a world which solely means dressing up even when you know you are not going out.

This may sound silly or you won't be ready to do this when you are feeling emotional. But believe me dancing to your favorite song, opens up those tense muscles and the mind becomes exhilarated.

Last but not the least is sharing all those secrets, problems and panic attacks with someone else is much, much better than keeping them bottled and seething from inside.

These were my stress relievers. If you like me do any of these things as mentioned above then please enlighten me or tell about your own stress calmer?

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  2. Cute post! :) I have to admit, I do all of these apart from the dancing! I can't dance to save my life ;) xxx

    1. Yeah but I like dancing. Thanks for reading:)


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