Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 1 Palette Review!

Sunday, November 02, 2014





The famous dupe of Urban Decay Naked 1 palette is finally in my hands.Now I don't know how close their similarities are but from what's been roaming around the beauty blogosphere, I can safely say that Makeup Revolution has nailed it, not just with eyeshades but with the quality as well.

I bought it for 950 PKR from an online shopping website 

No claims and no eyeshadow names but ingredients are included and this palette is designed and developed in London UK.

The palette comes in a black sturdy casing of 14g with a transparent lid which makes eyeshadows visible from the outside.I love the packaging as it looks sleek and chic,perfectly fits into my handbag and the lid doesn't come off.

There are total 12 shades in this palette ranging from light neutral ones to more bronze ones.I love the warm undertones these eyeshades contain except the two at the right side which is a black and grayish blue type shade.This palette contains 3 matte shades and 9 shimmer ones.

They are absolutely buttery to touch except the matte ones feel a little powdery.

As you can see the light shades are less pigmented and the dark ones are more pigmented however all of these shades have a good building power.They are a dream to apply, blend and smoke it to your own liking and there is very less product fall out.

They lasted for 3 hours on my lids which isn't good in my books.However I haven't tried it with a eyeshadow primer yet.

My Thoughts
I adore the fact that I can don various eye looks with this palette and it has an array of beautiful eyeshades that can take you from day to night.It comes with a black foam applicator which I like to use because I've seen and tried worse applicators than this one.I like the shimmery eyeshades and the color pay off is awesome.This palette has certainly made my mood for wearing eyeshadows.It has an affordable price tag and amazing quality.The bad lasting power and shimmer eyeshades maybe an issue for you but not me.Overall I would say this product is a steal and worth all the hype its getting.

Buy it, it has much better quality than some local palettes out there.

Would I Repurchase
Yes, ofcourse and I can't wait to try the other versions as well.


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