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Sunday, November 09, 2014


I've had my fair share of ups and downs while blogging, even to the extent that I thought of tuning off from my blog forever.But I'm glad I didn't because I came across such inspiring and helpful content written by some of the nicest blogs I've found to date that I had to share the love and help those new bloggers who are like me seeking for advice.

 The Lovely Prose 
Becca knows the art of blogging about beauty, lifestyle and giving advice about blogging.Here are some of the nicest posts I've found on her blog. 3 blogging lessons I never expected to learn. , The Photo Edit ,  For when you are feeling uninspired .
Now these posts are only about blogging but Becca writes a great blog with every post worth reading.

Nothin Really Fancy 
Ziva's blog is pretty impressive with fabulous pictures.She has definitely written some blogging content that has helped me a lot.Photography tips & tricks for beauty bloggers ,  Tips for writing/starting a blog ,  15 beauty blog ideas ,  Blogging on a budget ,  Blog design 101 ,  How to be organized-notebooks ,  International blogging 
These are some of the best advices I've read and Ziva's blog isn't just about giving advice.She does amazing beauty posts as well.

Sweet Electric 
You may have heard of this blog and let me tell you that Zoe's blog is an absolute gem in giving blogging advice.She writes about everything a new blogger should do and shouldn't.I can't name the posts I find helpful because I've read all the advice posts she writes and keeps writing.So I would recommend you to check/follow her blog and read what she tells you about blogging and you'll be amazed that blogging is something serious that requires effort and patience.Read this from her blog  For when you're considering quitting .

Autumn Leaves-X 
Now I don't know about the name of the girl behind this blog but believe me her blogging posts are worth reading and she keeps writing such kind of posts.Check out her blog and read. Useful sites for new/established bloggers .She writes a series on this topic that is really helpful. Why everyone needs a break sometimes , Best times to post on social media .Overall this blog is really good and helpful for new bloggers.

These were some of the bloggers whose content I find extremely helpful and are a great source of inspiration.Not only their advice is worth having to look at but the general posts they do are lovely for reading.

Which blogs do you seek for blogging advice?

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