Disappointing Products # 1

Saturday, November 15, 2014

I'm not much of a rambler nor do I find products much disappointing. However these were the items of which I really wanted to throughly tell my opinion of and to warn people not to buy resulting in a complete waste of money.

Suave Sandalwood & Cinnamon Body Lotion
As winter is approaching, our skin tends to need more moisture but this lotion seems to give me less moisture and after even massaging a pump full of this lotion, my skin still feels tight and dry. You can read the review of this lotion here 

Nivea Sparkling White Whitening Facial Scrub
After washing my face with this scrub, my skin looks and feels terribly dry and tight. Also the granules for scrubbing are almost non existent. You can read the review of this scrub  here 

Essence Home Sweet Home Blush
No doubt the double strip blusher looks pretty in the pan but in finish its a loser as it gives a rough finish than a natural one. And the powder crumbles badly. You can read the review of this blush here 

Maybelline Cake Powder
I was thoroughly disappointed when I received this powder in my online shopping parcel. The reason? God, It's terribly small. When I saw the size, I was at a complete loss for words because I wasn't expecting something this bad from Maybelline. You can read the review here 

Godrej Cinthol Soaps
Remember once I bought these soaps in  my essentials . Well they made my skin dry after use and do not lather well.

These are the items I find really disappointing and regret buying them.

Which products disappoint you?

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