Book # 3 The Kite Runner

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Hello everyone,
I'm back with another book review of The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini and let's see how the book turned out.

Khalid Hosseini is that gifted writer who knows the art of weaving beautiful spell-binding stories. I've had the opportunity of reading his other novels as well but this book, 'The Kite Runner' is by far his best creation. It is not only an International Best Seller but also a major film.

The story is set amidst the 1970's Afghanistan of two friends Amir and Hassan who grew up together. Amir is a rich boy whereas Hassan is a poor boy and Amir's servant as well but a very loyal friend of Amir. Both of them are quite fond of kite flying and this hobby of theirs changes their lives one afternoon. After the invasion of Russians, Amir is forced to flee to USA but then comes the time of paying back.

The novel not just narrates the gripping story of the two friends but has different tastes including the rich culture and scenic beauty of Afghanistan. The usage of the Afghani language here and there in the book manages to build a warmth which is both vivid and engaging.

Although it is a fictional story but the setting and political scenario is very much true which makes the story irresistible. This novel certainly ranks among the best written stories ever. Khalid Hosseini's description of Amir and Hassan's relationship is fully nuanced and provides a counterpoint to the growing sense of tension which frequently stretches to breaking point.

I highly recommend this book to everyone as it is an unforgettable, extraordinary and powerful tale.

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