Sweet Touch Lipstick Review!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

There are days when you want to sport a bright lip color and go anywhere other than work or college.Well this is a perfect description of me and in order to succumb to my so called mood changes, I reach for my Sweet Touch Lipstick which are made in Germany.

Sweet Touch lipsticks come in numbers not in names.The shade I have is 793.A bright pinkish purple color that looks flattering but bold.

I bought it for 250 PKR from Al Fatah.

A simple pinkish purple packaging.Secure and travel friendly but cheap looking.

A sweet almost like a cocoa powder scent.I like it.

None, comes in a cardboard box which I threw away without knowing that someday I would do beauty blogging and it'll come handy.

7 and 8 hours and it has a tendency to gather round the mouth like a ring if ofcourse you eat lipstick or lick your lips maddeningly.Good lasting power.


Creamy but drying

My thoughts:
I used to love bright lip colors but when many drugstore brands came up with brilliant nude lipsticks which I also came to acknowledge suited me well,changed my opinion and now I'm more of a nude lipstick lover.
However sometimes I do wear bright lipsticks and this one is the most used one.It can give me a soft pink look and a bold look at the same time, it only depends on me how I apply it.The lipstick has a creamy formula but is drying and emphasizes fine lines.be sure to apply lip balm underneath.I love the lasting power even with eating/drinking it stays put without having to reapply.The lipstick is not at all moisturizing but glides on easily and one swipe is enough to coat the lips.It doesn't transfer and is cheaply priced.Overall I would say this is a nice lipstick for such a cheap price and the color is really pretty.

To the lovers of bright lipsticks and to those who do not want a big hole in their pockets.

Would I repurchase:
In another range.

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  1. Love the way you do your reviews under the different headings
    Carrieanne x

    1. I'm glad you liked my heading style.Thanks:-)


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