Nivea Sparkling White Whitening Facial Scrub Review!

Friday, September 05, 2014

Hello Readers!
I have never followed a strict skincare routine neither I have fixed skincare products.I keep changing and experimenting with skincare products according to my budget.Recently I bought this Nivea Whitening Facial Scrub and this is my first one because I have never used facial scrubs before but have tried several other simple scrubs.

I bought it for 295 Pkr from Al Fatah.

It is a 100 ml pink,white tube with a pink flip flop cap.Nothing chic!Just average looking packaging but to tell you honestly I am crazy about tube packagings.

All is written in Malay so it would be almost impossible for me to translate.Basically this product is made in Malaysia,Indonesia.

My take:
The product comes out according to the desired amount.The packaging is secure,travel friendly and does not leak.It does not contain parabens and SLS.The scrub has a thick creamy texture with tiny grains that almost vanish or do not feel while applying the product on the face.A pea sized amount is enough to massage the face and the scrub foams up beautifully.I don't like it that the grains disappear and it almost feels like I'm massaging nothing than foam on my face.The scrub comes off easily,my face looks fresh and clean but it so copies the image of a wrung towel.It has this way of controlling oil for 5 to 10 minutes and I already have a dry/combination skin so I don't like oil controlling products for my face.After sometime I also noticed redness appearing on my cheeks,forehead and chin with itchiness.This product does not suit me but better suits my mother who likes it.So officially I have given this scrub to my mother who has an oily/combination skin.Overall I would say that this is a good product for oily beauties,it lathers nicely,smells nice,cleans the face properly,is cheap,travel friendly and easily available.But dry skins please stay away from this product.

Only for people with oily skins.

Would I buy it again:
No,not again.

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