Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Review!

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Back in 2013 BB creams were a rage among beauty bloggers and now CC creams have taken all the limelight.I know I'm a little late for this review but beauty products are never outdated enough to not to review,right?The reason I bought this was my curiosity to find out what a BB cream is like and let's see if my curiosity has paid me well or not?

I bought it for 449 Pkr from Al Fatah.

Only 2 shades are available in the Garnier BB cream range and that is a big con because the dark skinned beauties have not been given a choice to choose from.The shades are light to medium and medium to dark.I bought the light version and I feel It's a bit dark for me.

German and Indian version of BB creams was available at Al Fatah.I opted for the German version.

It is a simple beige tube of 50 ml (which I think is a nice quantity for such a cheap price) and has a white flip flop cap.I have to squeeze the tube hard to make the product come out and sometimes a huge blob of the product comes out,resulting in a terrible waste.

It has a nice floral scent but sometimes it can be too overpowering for me and gives me a headache.Even after application the scent lingers which is so annoying.

It has a thick texture but easily blendable.Don't forget to blend quickly because the BB drys quickly.

It stays put for 6 to 7 hours but after that you can trace the BB vanishing.

Too many statements written on the product but I will concentrate on the main ones.
* Evens tone + boosts glow
* Blurs imperfections
* Smoothes fine lines
* 24hr hydration
* SPF 15 UV protection

My thoughts:
When I newly bought it and I applied it to go to a school party,the BB blended seamlessly,my face looked glowy and my pimples looked a lot less visible.During the day,my friends couldn't tell I had applied anything but praised me continuously for how good my skin looked.I came back home and believe me what I saw,stunned me.My face looked oily,my nose looked large due to oiliness and my complexion looked darker than it really is.Out of sheer anger,I washed my face and from that day on I promised myself that I won't use it again.However after months of having it in my stash,I applied it again and liked it.Now,this may make you laugh but seriously I started to like the BB and concentrated on the pros only.Yes,it evens my skin tone,my pimples look less visible,I love the glowy complexion it gives and top of it all it contains SPF.Now I use it everyday because it moisturizes my face without making me feel greasy and is a great product for this harsh summer weather.At the end of the day I do tend to look quite oily and grey but few swipes of face powder does the trick to make me look fresh again.So my curiosity has paid me well.

For those who don't want to spend much on BB creams but still want a reasonable product and this is definitely a product for the dry skins to try.

Would I buy it again:
No,because now I want to indulge in the CC cream craze.

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