Liebster Award!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Hello everyone!
I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Rose Monique from the blog black& a lot Rose for nominating me.I hope I enjoy writing the answers as much as I enjoyed reading Rose Monique's answers.

11 facts about me:
* I'm a college going student.
* I'm terrible at Maths.
* My favorite subject is English.
* I never leave my house without wearing a lipstick,lip balm or a lip gloss.
* I love reading books.
* My favorite author is Sophie Kinsella.
* I'm a sucker for all things related to beauty.
* I want to make a large collection of makeup.
* I have two brothers only.
* My all time favorite singer is Dido.
* I can't live without my mother.

Questions & Answers:
1)How did you choose the name of your blog?
I did not choose the name of my blog but asked my mother to think of a nice name and she suggested this name Chaste & Beautiful which I think is an adorable name.

2)Favorite holiday?
Spending my weekends in a shopping mall which caters to all of my favorite makeup brands is my kind of favorite holiday.

3)Favorite food?
Pizza! I can eat pizza anytime and anywhere.

4)Name one blog that you have to read everyday?
I would say the blog by Rebecca Bergamasco called's photography is awesome.I can stare at it for hours on end and her writing style is very thought provoking.My day is empty if I do not visit her blog everyday.

5)Have you read my blog before?

6)Favorite quote?
" Life has a way of testing a person's will,either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen at once ".Paulo Coelho

7)How would you say has been your greatest accomplishment so far?
Completing my O'levels.

8)What's your favorite thing about your mom?
Now there are so many things to name but the thing I most admire about her is that she shares the same love of makeup I do and gets excited whenever I shop online and never stops me from buying makeup.

9)Do you remember the happiest moment of your life?Tell us about it.
I'm still waiting for it.

10)What are you thinking about?
I'm still thinking is my blog worth a Liebster Award.

11)What's your biggest goal in life?
To do M Phil in English Literature.

Rules of Liebster Award:
* You must write 11 facts about you.
* You must link back the person who tagged you.
* You must answer all of my questions.
* You must come up with ten other questions all on your own.
* You must tag 11 other bloggers with under 200 followers.
* You must let me know when you answer the questions.
* Enjoy and have fun.

My Nominees Are:
* Rebecca Bergamasco from the blog the lovely prose.
* Shannon Griffiths from the blog Essentially Shannon.
* Taylor Sheldon from the blog Another Fashion Fanatic.
* Kate Young from the blog Kate Elizabeth Jessica Young.
* Carina from the blog the golden avenue.
* Elise Mooijman from the blog The Beauty Suitcase.
* Emily from the blog life of emilyyx.
* Pretty Perfect from the blog pretty perfect xoxo.
*Saskia from the blog saskiaalicebeauty.
*Emma from the blog haveacupofteax.
* Jessica from the blog Making It Up.

My questions are:
1)What inspired you to start blogging?
2)Your favorite makeup brand and why?
3)Your favorite celebrity?
4)A makeup item you can't leave home without?
5)What's in your makeup bag?
6)Your favorite movie?
7)Your favorite shopping destination?
8)Do you think life is beautiful?Why?
9)How many siblings do you have?
10)Your favorite blogger?

Well I had fun doing this post and thanks again Rose for nominating me.

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  1. Thanks for answer my questions. I enjoy read all of them! :) <3

  2. Congratulations on being nominated!
    I really love that quote!

    1. Thank you and I love that quote too:)

  3. thank you so much for nominating me! i'll be posting about it as soon as i get a chance :D

    1. Your welcome and I can't wait to read your answers:)

  4. Thanks for nominating me, but I have already posted this as I got nominated last week x


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