Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner Review!

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Hello readers!
So basically I like to keep my eyes looking simple and makeup free.Eyeliner is not my thing but looks good on me and having a few in my makeup stash won't hurt.Recently I purchased this Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner in black and believe me I'm surprised.

I bought it for 440 Pkr from Al Fatah.

Very simple black 3 ml container with a silver capped brush applicator.Decent looking and travel friendly.

Liquid Ink Eyeliner with high precision brush applicator.

My take:
When I bought this I thought it won't be very good due to the cheap price but it amazed me.It has a tiny brush which gives excellent control to apply the eyeliner swiftly and flawlessly.I applied it in the evening to go to a party and after 3 hours my eyeliner still looked fresh and in its place without any smudge.This is definitely a hit by the Essence company.It is neither too dry nor too watery.This eyeliner does not lose its shine once it has dried and makes my eyes look so beautiful.It can be easily removed with a makeup remover or water because it does not have a rough formula that wouldn't come off.

I would definitely recommend this to everyone.

Would I buy it again:
Yes,ofcourse and would also try the pen version by Essence.

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