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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hello readers
Yesterday I went to Al Fatah desperately wanting to fill up my essentials that had been empty.I needed some new soaps so I opted for a cheaper version.

Godrej Cinthol Soaps
They come for 32 Pkr and smell nice.I try to stay away from shower gels in summer because they make me feel greasy.The soaps were average to use and I've learnt a lesson I'm never going to go for cheap soaps again.

Next I needed a talcum powder and not to forget a body mist.

Christian Dior Poison Talcum Powder
This came for 100 Pkr and really helps keeping me smelling nice throughout the day.I have been buying them for ages and always trying their various ranges.Dare I say these powders satisfy me and smell so much like the Christian Dior Poison Perfume.

Naked Love Fragrance Mist
I usually buy the Dear Body,"Body Splashes" that are great dupes of the Bath & Body Works Body Mist and are available for 155 Pkr.However yesterday this Naked Love Fragrance Mist caught my fancy and I bought it for 295 Pkr.It smells amazing,almost woody and lasts for hours.

How can I forget a shampoo and I use the:

Head & Shoulders Anti Hairfall Shampoo
Believe me I've tried numerous shampoos but the one which only suits me is Head & Shoulders.It keeps my dandruff at bay and smells nice.It lathers wonderfully and gives me a squeaky clean scalp.It comes for 565 Pkr in a 700 ml bottle which lasts for months.

A book is a must to spend these lazy summer days so I chose this book,"The Fault In Our Stars",By John Green.I've read great reviews about this book and the movie so I really wanted to give it a read.After I finish reading this book I would write a full on review about it.

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