Classics Perfect Longlasting Lipstick Review!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hi readers!
I have always been searching for the right shade of orange that would go flawlessly with my light/medium skin tone.Alas I haven't found any and during my hunting adventure I came upon this Classics Perfect Long Lasting Lipstick.Now this isn't a perfect orange but I have been reaching for it in mornings to get ready and whatever I wear it goes with all of my attires.

I bought it for 225 Pkr from Al Fatah.

The shade is 129.A pretty orange/peachy color.

None,this lipstick came with a white cardboard box but I lost it somewhere so I'm not familiar with the claims or ingredients either.

The lipstick comes in a white lipstick container with silver detailings.The packaging is fine,nothing to write home about.The lipstick is 4,2 g.

It stays for 1 hour with eating/drinking included and with eating/drinking excluded it stays for 3 to 4 hours.Quite a poor lasting power.

My thoughts:
The lipstick has a creamy/glossy finish and glides on easily without emphasizing fine lines or being too drying.The shade is light but buildable and two swipes are enough to coat the lips properly.Whenever I apply this lipstick I feel that my complexion looks darker.The lipstick does not gather around the sides of the lips which looks so yuck and has a pleasant smell.It's definitely travel friendly,keeps lips moisturized,doesn't transfer and I haven't experienced any problems with the lipstick's packaging.For the price I think it's a nice lipstick and on teenagers with fair tones it would look lovely.

Buy it if you don't want to purchase expensive orange lipsticks.

Would I repurchase:
I'm still on the hunt,so I won't.

Suggest me some good orange lipsticks,folks.

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