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Friday, December 26, 2014

My eyes always fell upon this beautiful red/pink blush and I finally decided to buy it before it got out of stock. Now let's see if it fared well or not!

(Shade no/name
Loved me the best

I bought it for 550 PKR from an online shopping website .

No claims. Ingredients are included and it is developed in UK.

It comes in a small 6g black compact with a thick clear plastic lid. The packaging is sturdy and secure. No mirror and no blush brush. The blush is slightly baked.

The blush is a very pretty red pinkish shade with dark maroon and slight purple veins running through it.

It does produce powder when used with a blush on brush but the texture is very silky, smooth and nicely pigmented.

No scent. A pro for sensitive noses.

It gives a lovely red pinkish color to the cheeks with sheen and when this blush finally settles, the overall look is a healthy pinkish red with dewy cheeks. The brush picks up the right amount to apply and I haven't noticed any substantial fall out. No chalkiness or rough looking appearance.

This blush lasted a good five hours on me and when it vanishes it leaves a subtle pink color with a beautiful glow behind.

(My Thoughts
When this blush first came in my online shopping parcel, I was really disappointed by the small size of the blush. I wish it could have been a little bigger in size so that its beauty would stand out fully. No doubt the overall shade of the blush is amazing and it gives a really pretty color to the cheeks. However, I noticed that it made my complexion look a bit dusky but I'm quite enjoying the bronzed glow it provides. It is a great choice for winters when one loves and cherishes the look of healthy glowy looking cheeks. Overall, I haven't found any major con except the small size but that can be ignored if we take a look at the price it comes for. Its really affordably priced, with great quality and is quite handy for travelling.

If you are looking for a good budget friendly blush then do buy it.

(Would I Repurchase

(Have you tried this blush? Do you like it?

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