My Wishlist #1

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Wishlists are something that I really enjoy looking at and today I decided to make one of my own. So let's have a look at what I am currently coveting.

1. Bh Cosmetics Eco Friendly 10 Piece Brush Set.
I always overlooked the importance of makeup brushes and believe me I don't own a single good quality brush. But now after getting into this makeup blogging thing(y) I've come to know that brushes come very handy. I want to purchase this Bh Cosmetics brush set because it's affordable and nice quality.

2. Rimmel Intense Color Rush Balms.
I swatched these lip crayons in the shop and they're BLOODY AMAZING. They felt so buttery to apply and were intensely pigmented. I'm highly coveting these and want to buy the shade " The Redder The Better" or "On Fire".

3. Rimmel New Matte Apocalips Lip Velvets.
Another Rimmel product, these are the matte versions of their original Apocalips. I also swatched these matte ones in the store and I'm in love with their color, even if they are too bold for me and I highly appreciate their matte formula. The shade I want to purchase is "Atomic Rose" because it's a very soft coral color that is the only shade I found less daunting.

4. St Ives Coconut Milk & Orchid Extract Body Lotion.
I had already bought the Coconut & Shea Butter body lotion. However, I want to try this one now because it smells amazing when I sniffed it in the shop.

5. Any Book By Sophie Kinsella.
As I mentioned on my blog quite a few times that Sophie Kinsella is my favorite author and I haven't read all of her books which I'm really looking forward to do. Her books are a perfect blend for a girl to read.

So these were the items I'm really looking forward to buy and I hope you liked my Wishlist. Your choices will be highly appreciated down in the comments section:)

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