Makeup Revolution Lipstick "Dusky" Review & Swatch!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

I was on the verge of ordering "Mystify" but thought that it will be too orange(y) for me and settled for this Makeup Revolution Lipstick in "Dusky". Read my opinion below.

Dusky. A lovely tea pink color.

I bought it for 225 PKR from an online shopping website


This lipstick comes in a black bullet with a black cap which contains a sample of the lipstick attached to it. This little color addition looks nice, makes the lipstick easy to spot and gives an opinion of what the shade would be like. However the packaging is certainly not travel friendly because the cap comes off easily without "touching" and rattles as well.

A very light floral scent that is hardly going to irritate you and is undetectable upon application.

This lipstick has a balmy formula that is moisturizing. However it has to be swiped several times to coat the lips properly.

Very poor lasting power, only for 1 hour and while eating/drinking it totally vanishes.

My Thoughts
I don't know if it's just me or this Makeup Revolution lipstick swatches differently on my hand and on my lips it is a very light pink shade with blue undertones. The lipstick applies smoothly but you do have to reapply several times to get the most of the color. On my lips it looks like a balm and for me it is a good everyday wear lipstick. It also gives a pearly nude effect, I hope my description makes sense. I know the longevity power sucks and don't even think that it will withstand meals but still for such a cheap price tag I'm ready to ignore the cons. The lipstick does settle into fine lines, transfers but sure it gives me a pout that is so hard to create with a lip liner without smudging it all over your face. Overall I would say this is a decent everyday lipstick for those who prefer a "my lips but better" result.

To those who are on a budget and have a soft spot for moisturizing blue toned pinks.

Would I Repurchase
Maybe in a different shade because you can't beat the pricing of this product.

Do you own this lipstick? What are your thoughts?

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