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Monday, April 17, 2017

Hello Folks,

Do you earnestly think I am going to talk about spring here? You bet because I won’t! :D There is no middle ground when it comes to weather in Pakistan. It’s either four months cold or a full blown eight months’ summer. The heat here has reached a point when you wonder where the hell spring is. So, I’m just going to skip the peppy climate talk and will discuss the makeup, I like wearing in summer. I’ve had some new makeup additions that will contain mini reviews as well. 


Nah! I certainly can’t stand any base on my skin, especially in summer, whether it be a bb cream or a CC cream. Though, pimples are a standout part of my face, lol and to neutralize their appearance, I apply a light moisturizer preferably St Ives Collagen Elastin Moisturizer, which by far is the most nourishing product I’ve tried to date. Sometimes, I do like to go in with a dab of Maybelline Fit Me Concealer to defuse my dark circles but only when I feel extra indulgent. Once my face looks well-hydrated and normal, I like to go in for a sweep of face powder “if I feel fancy” or simply leave the face just moisturized.  


I hardly do any eye makeup. Even on special occasions, you’ll rarely find me with beautified eyes. Kajal doesn’t suit my Asian eyes, so it’s purely out of the question. To put into better words, I am not really interested in eye makeup. Call me crazy like my friends do, but it’s something that has never appealed to me.

However, I must say I love eye makeup looks on other girls with doll-like peepers but for me, it’s not an option. Though, I do enjoy a good smacking of mascara, only when I’m feeling like putting some extra minutes in prettifying than usual. Currently, I’m using No7 Volume Mascara, which bids the most natural-looking lashes, plus it works as an impeccable brow gel. 

Freedom Blush "Rare" Swatch


I’m naturally blessed in the cheeks department and do not feel the need to lift, contour, highlight or whatever. Wearing blusher on a daily basis isn’t in my books at all. But I will have to take my words back, simply for the sake of Freedom Blush in “Rare.” The formula of this blush has me sold and I wear it non-stop, whether it be spending a day in front of my laptop or outside. I’m hooked on to this product. The texture is soft, super-blendable, gives a natural coral glow to the cheeks and overall, just looks fantastic taking into account that it only comes for 225 PKR. Girl! You’d wish I’d be kidding but nope, this stuff is the real deal. 

Bell Cosmetics Lipstick Shade "9."


Oh, I was waiting to talk about this. I love playing with lipsticks. Not that I have the juiciest, plumpest lips ever or anything kylie-esque but I find my lips to be the most favorite feature of my face. When it approaches lips, I can go very bold and very minimal without an ounce of heeding. Nonetheless, nude lipsticks are one of my newest found loves and I experiment with the best of my ability.

NYC Lipstick in Shade "452 Red Suede."

I like to apply Bell Cosmetics Lipstick in Shade 9 on its own. I adore this lipstick, it is on a creamier side but I don’t let that affect me, since, the color is absolutely gorgeous. Though, when I want to go matte, I apply a thin layer of Nyc Lipstick in Shade “452 Red Suede” and seal the look by gliding on Nyx Lip Lingerie shade in “Ruffle Trim.” This combination is stunning, you can see that in the lip swatch below. I do use a Jordana Lip Liner with a chocolate brown hue to line my lips. The pencil is too small, so I didn’t bother capturing it. Actually, I am on the lookout for some good dark brown lip liners and if you have any suggestions, kindly enlighten me. 

Left: Bell Lipstick "9," Middle: Nyx Lip Lingerie "Ruffle Trim," Right: NYC Lipstick "452 Red Suede." 

Mixed "NYC Lipstick 452 Red Suede" and "NYX Lip Lingerie Ruffle Trim."


That’s it, people. I hope you liked the way I relayed my spring/summer makeup routine, whatever term you want to give it. I like to keep things nominal because I’m a complete lazy bum and secondly, I feel incredibly conscious of wearing too much makeup. 

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  1. These shades are perfect for spring. Great post.

    1. I'm glad you liked this post. Thank you :)

  2. Perfect pout <3 I am loving the lip combo, need to try this asap


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