L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask Charcoal – What’s the Fuss?

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Hello People,

You guys must be enjoying the weather – No? I hate this weather, since, the atmosphere has started turning sweaty, irritating, and bugs are roaming on their own freewill. Absolutely terrible! I don’t have enough words to vent out my frustration at the changing weather and most importantly the realization that now, days will get hotter and hotter. I guess I need to take a deep breath and talk about the latest product to hit the market – L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask in Charcoal. I’ve been sampling this mask since previous month and I have summed up my thoughts about it. Read below for details.  

Price, Packaging & Range

I bought this from Daraz.pk for 1099 PKR. The packaging is absolutely brill! The product comes in a glass container with quantity stated to be 50ml. It’s somewhat weighty and looks very luxe. I’ve always had a thing for heavy containers and glossy exterior – the packaging is all that! There are three versions in the pure clay mask range. An exfoliating one - which is good for achieving dewy skin, a mattifying type, which caters to oily skin, and this charcoal one, which supplies detoxifying benefits. 

Scent, Texture & Consistency

I just simply love the smell of this mask – it’s a very musky scent. Something that just forces your eyes closed and make you smile (which happened in my case.) I am not sure how people will react to the scent but I am certain majority of it will have no qualms about it. 

This mask has a thick consistency and a very smooth texture – almost rubber-like. It glides on the face like a breeze and it is nicely spreadable too. It’s grit-free and sticks to the face beautifully, allowing you to have a mess-free application. One thing which annoys me slightly is that it feels too tight when the mask begins getting dry – maybe it could be the reason that this is my first time using a clay mask or perhaps it really does feel too taut. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

My Thoughts

Often when I’m using this product, my thoughts trail off to ponder about the fact that, if this mask is so good, what will be the results of other brands that are pricier and far more acclaimed than L’Oreal? I know I shouldn’t judge a product according to its price, but then you can’t prevent the brain to wander aimlessly, can you? 

This mask has quickly become my holy-grail. You must have seen me chanting the praises of the Andalou Naturals Glycolic acid mask on my blog and for one second, I compared the Andalou one to this mask but I reached no conclusion. I undoubtedly can’t place my finger on which one I prefer best because the Andalou one is Organic and provides a glowing appearance, whereas this mask leaves my face tremendously clean. 

I have loads of blackheads on my nose and they are a bitch to pull out. Though, this mask withdrew a few of them, leaving me in seventh-heaven. With continued usage, I’m pretty sure that my nose will be completely clean. This product assuredly shows you visually that the gunk of your skin is being jerked off (you will understand this when you will use this mask.)

I use a flat foundation brush to smear it all over my face, excluding the eyes and lips, obviously. Let it sit for 20 minutes approximately and wash it off with water – no additions, please. With routinely use, skin gets better and much more flexible. 

Overall, my skin feels extremely clean and beautified, almost like I have spent a whole day in a salon getting my skin pampered, plus the results stay for a good three days! It is slightly drying for my skin but it is nothing a moisturizer can’t handle. Yes, it does detoxify, clarify and tighten the skin, especially useful for people with a mature skin.  It is definitely worth your bucks, though, I am quite disappointed with the quantity because my face asks for more quantity than what is normally justified - spinning into mask being heavily used. :\


To everyone out there, this is a must-have!

Would I Repurchase

Of course and will try the exfoliating one as well. 

"Seriously, I could have written an essay on this product. But for the sake of you guys, I kept the review limited somehow." ;)

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  1. I love these masks, I use them regularly and I will definitely re-purchase when I run out. I also tried the Pure Clay Glow Mask (the pink exfoliating one) and my skin feels so fresh and clean after I use it :)


    1. That's great to know. Thank you for stopping by. :)

  2. I was thinking whether to try it or not but your review surely convinced me to give it a try. It sounds great. Nice review

    1. You should definitely try this. Thanks a lot.

  3. Great review. I need one now!

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