Review // St Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer!

Friday, April 03, 2015

Hi Pals,
Today I'm going to review the St Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer. I have a dry/normal skin type that can sometimes become too oily and too dry depending on the weather. Also my skin is acne prone and if proper dose of water is not taken and moisturization is not done, then my skin can look really dehydrated and flaky. However, this moisturizer is claimed to be good for oily skins, so I was a little curious to find out how it would work for my skin as this moisturizer is so much praised.

I bought it for 475 PKR from Al Fatah. You can get it from all leading stores in Pakistan and you can also purchase it from

St Ives is dedicated to bringing you the best of nature with formulas that delight the senses as they leave your skin with a soft, fresh feel. We understand the little everyday choices we make help to better your life. That's why St Ives is a formulater of quality products.
* Non-Comedogenic
* Dermatologist Tested
* Visibly reduces appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.
* Formulated with Collagen & Elastin proteins.

Key Ingredient
Natural Safflower Seed Oil

This product comes in a 283g white tub with a cap. I wish it came in a tube because tubs are messy to work with, are unhygenic and not travel friendly. However, I'm really pleased with the generous quantity because this is going to last me a good two months. The tub feels sturdy and the cap shuts tightly.

This moisturizer is white in color and almost feels like a whipped creme in texture. The moisturizer isn't very thick, rather it feels silky and lightweight when touched. It spreads easily wherever you want to massage it.

It has a very mild pleasant scent that reminds me of roses. The scent vanishes after application.

My Thoughts
Now, this moisturizer is basically a wrinkle fighter. I don't even have come of age to get a wrinkle but still prevention is better than cure, right? When I use this moisturizer, it vanishes into my skin really quickly without having to rub for hours. My face feels smooth, soft and dare I say, healthy. Yes, this moisturizer provides me a natural glow which I love and keeps me moisturized throughout the day. I have noticed that some moisturizers wear off at the end of the day and make me look dry, dull and lack lustre but this sweet(y) doesn't do that. It is a very feather(y) light moisturizer that is perfect for this spring cum summer weather but I wouldn't recommend it for using it in extreme cold weather as it's moisturizing power is not that heavy to keep severe dryness or flakiness at bay. Overall I would give 5/5 to this moisturizer and would recommend everyone to use it. It does not contain parabens and does not feel heavy on the skin. In my opinion this is the best moisturizer I have found in such an affordable price tag. You wouldn't be disappointed and I promise you will get your money's worth.

To everyone whether you have a dry skin or an oily skin, it works for all skin types.

Would I Repurchase?
Yes. I have fallen in love with this.

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Have you tried this moisturizer? What are your thoughts?

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  1. No I haven't used st.Ives moisturizer but I do used their scrub and I love it. Great detailed review.

    1. Yes I love their scrub too. Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. I think I've been recommended to use it for my oily skin in past too. noted on my list. :) xx

    Momina Haseeb | ๑ Divine Smudge ๑

    1. Yeah do use it,it doesn't feel greasy at all. My mom has oily skin and she says that this moisturizer actually controls the oiliness.

  3. St. Ives products are amazing! x

  4. looks like a great product.nice review hon:)


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