Some Of The Blogs I Love To Read!

Thursday, February 05, 2015

There are many blogs that I read but today I'm sharing my most favorite blogs that I catch up upon their every post because these blogs are simply amazing.

Bed In The Kitchen
I've been reading this blog for a long time and I'm impressed by how many wonderful topics this girl comes up with. Her pictures are spot on, blog design is super easy to scroll through and writing style is so good that I wish I could write like her. Must read if you are into beauty blogging.

From Roses
I was never into lifestyle and reading about it was far from my mind, until I came upon Rebecca's blog. Her topics are pure genius, a perfect balance between life and beauty. Her writing style is very fresh and soft spoken (if that makes sense). Her blog has a simple but a beautiful design and really neat and clean looking pictures. Love this blog. A must read.

Rosy Chicc
I was hooked to this blog the first time I read it. Why? Because the pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I don't know how the girl behind this blog comes up with such incredible looking photos. Not only her pictures are pretty but her writing style is very stylish. A must read if you want to have photo inspiration.

Mateja's Beauty Blog
Mateja's blog is pure fun. I love her lovely blog pictures and detailed reviews and swatches. Also her blog is a good read if you want to know about drugstore brands. Her "New in" series are my favorite topics to read. Love her blog.

Nothin' Fancy Really
Ziva and Mateja are both from Slovenia and their blogs seem to me almost alike. They are girly, chirpy and really enjoyable for girls to read. I love Ziva's hairstyle tutorials. Her reviews on drugstore brands are great and her pictures are stunning. Amazing blog.

These were some of the blogs I really enjoy reading. I hope you liked this post. Would love to know your favorite blogs as well.

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  1. Thank you so much for the mention Ayesha! It means so much <3 xx

    1. Very warm welcome Jaye! I'm glad you saw this:)


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