Newly Purchased #4

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hello My Lovely Readers,
I'm here again with my newly purchased series. This month I came upon some gorgeous stuff in Al Fatah which I can't wait to snap up at the moment but as I was on a tight budget I didn't indulge in much but bought what I and my family uses on a daily basis. So let's get to the purchases now. All these items were purchased from Al Fatah and I'll mention the price side by side.

St Ives Vitamin E Body Lotion PKR 495
I had run out of my previous St Ives lotion and sadly I couldn't find the Coconut milk & Orchid Extract lotion which was included in my wishlist. So I had to settle on this one and once again I'm awed by the loveliness of the formula. Keep looking for a review soon.

Head & Shoulders Anti Hairfall Shampoo PKR 335
My all time favorite shampoo and a must in my household. I'll review it soon.

Johnsons Baby Shampoo PKR 105
I bought this for washing my brushes.

Olivia Herbal Bleach Cream PKR 45
I don't use this bleach but as I was in a hurry I had to buy it to get rid of my really dark facial hair(sounds ugly, I know).

Harmony Soaps PKR 42 each
Hands down the best budget soaps I've found so far. They smell Ahh-mazing, come in a huge size and various colors. I think I should dedicate a post to these beauties.

Colgate Max Fresh Toothpastes PKR 105 each
Your morning never starts without brushing your teeth so a toothpaste is a necessity. I love the taste of these and find them to be of good quality with an affordable price tag.

The Best Laid Plans by "Sidney Sheldon" PKR 120
I know that Sophie Kinsella books were on my wishlist but I couldn't find any in my local bookshop. Let's see how this book turns out. A review will be up soon.

That's it for now my readers. I hope you liked my purchases. Did you buy anything this month?

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