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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I have found a cult favorite that's been used in my household for generations and I'm also the happy resident of this category. I'm simply loving this product for a very long time and today I've got the time to share my admiration towards it.

I bought it for 295 PKR from Al Fatah.

Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion removes everyday build up of dirt, oil and grease that soap and water doesn't always reach. It is totally effective as a single step cleanser to clean thoroughly and help prevent spots. It can also be used to refresh, tone and tighten pores after washing.

Apply cleansing lotion to a cotton pad and wipe over face and neck as often as required. No need to rinse.

Comes in a clear plastic 200ml bottle with a purple flip flop cap. The packaging is travel friendly and does not leak.

Smells like a chemical but one doesn't notice it much on application.

My Thoughts
This is a water based toner and cleanser(it is upon you how you use it because it does both the jobs.) I use this product to cleanse my face when I can't be bothered to wash my face again and again especially in this cold lazy weather. Also I use it as a toner and it really does tighten the pores. This product is oil free but it doesn't dry out the skin as my own skin type is dry/normal. I'm impressed by the way it cleans away the dirt and unnecessary oil on the face. In summers I use it before going out as it instantly brightens up my lack lustre complexion and mattifies it without making me feel dry. This is a great product but I wouldn't recommend it for using on the eyes as my eyes sting badly when I use it there. Also it has minimized the appearance of my pores and blemishes. It didn't break me out and I never had a nasty experience with this toner. Overall this is a good budget friendly cleanser plus toner and all of my family swears by it. The only cons I've found so far is that it contains Parabens and stings on the eye area.

To all skin types

Would I Repurchase?
I've been buying it for the past five years and hopefully would continue to do so.

Do you own this product? Do you like it?

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  1. I have dry/normal skin too and this sounds perfect for those lazy days! I'm surprised I haven't seen this at stores before.

    1. These are available at local stores. Ask them. Thanks for stopping by:)


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