March Favorites 2015!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Hiya Flowers,
This month has gone quickly. I love March because of my birthday and above all spring. I love flowers and yearn to have a whiff of them almost everyday. Ok prick the dream(y) balloon, we have some serious matter at hand and that is to discuss my March Favorites.

Makeup Revolution Blush "Hot" PKR 225.
Yes I have included this lovely again in my favorites because simply the color looks too flattering on me and gives me those natural pink healthy cheeks which honestly speaking, every girl craves for, then dears grab this cheap but effective blusher. Check my full review here

Sweet Touch Lipstick "793" PKR 250.
I bought this lipstick on a whim. It's quite a daring pink that obviously I wouldn't wear on an everyday basis. But I have been wearing it as a stain with a lip balm underneath to buff away any cracks and Man! It looks absolutely beautiful and natural. A perfect shade for this transition period. Check my full review here

Bh Cosmetics Pink A Dot Powder Brush PKR 2900 whole set.
I thought my angled blush brush from this set was the only master of applying blush but instead I have found the jack of all trades and that being the powder brush from this set. I use it to apply my powder, buff my bb cream to hide any streaking and apply my blush and I'm good to go. Love this brush. Check my full review here

St Ives Green Tea Blemish Control Gel Cleanser PKR 495
This smells really good and herbal-ly. I use it everyday and I'm noticing my acne spots fading and my skin getting clearer. I really like this cleanser. Check my full review here

St Ives Collagen Elastin Moisturizer PKR 475
I'm not sure about this moisturizer. I love it but fail to describe the brilliance of this moisturizer. I would say I never thought that such an affordable moisturizer can work wonders but it does and I'm glad I picked this up. Review will be up soon.

Crush By David Archuleta
I've been listening to this song the whole month and I'm obsessed. I never get tired of listening to this song and would recommend it to you if you are feeling a bit moody.

So that's it for now folks. These were the items I used in the month of march.

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Have you tried any of these products? Share your March favorites!

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  1. ST Ives is a trustworthy brand :)Good post

  2. Great picks. That blush looks beautiful pink.

  3. lovely picks dear,that brush set is really cute and handy:)

  4. I love your polka dots brush. Looks cute to me! ^-^
    Oh, and I didn't notice your GFC widget before. I've done my job by following your blog via GFC. ^-^

    Lots of love
    Farah -

  5. Great Favourites! Here's my march favourites if you want to take a look? :)

  6. Lovely picks. I love using daring lipsticks as stains too, I have been using Oriflame's blush pink as a stain and it looks so natural. :) xx

    Momina Haseeb | ๑ Divine Smudge ๑

    1. Yeah stains give a really youthful color and look so natural. Thanks for stopping by:)


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