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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hello Fellas,
This post is quite picture heavy and today I'm going to review these Harmony Fruity Soaps which I've been thinking to review for quite sometime. I mean these soaps are so good that dedicating a post to these beauties is necessary. I bought these soaps from Al Fatah for PKR 42 each. These soaps come in different fruit versions and I'm going to go through each of them separately. I love their packaging and their fun colors. They weigh 150g and these soaps do not contain harmful ingredients.

A blend of moisturizer and aloe vera extract keep your skin moist. Enriched with natural fruit extract which contains vitamins, makes your skin feel smooth and soft. The exclusive fruit fragrance leaves natural freshness and scent.

Strawberry Soap
This one is my favorite from the entire bunch. It is colored reddish pink whereas in the picture, it looks more neon and red. The smell is amazing, exactly like strawberry candies and I really enjoy it when in the shower.

Peach Soap
This smells very light but nice. Perfect for those who have sensitive noses. It does smell of peaches but in an artificial sort of way. It is light peach pinkish colored, very pretty in real life.

Mango Soap
Ahh, mangoes! This does smell of mangoes in a very light way. I really like the smell. It has a yellow like an egg york color.

Lemon Soap
I hate the scent of this soap. It smells exactly like lemon max bar and this is mostly the problem with lemon based products. It is yellow in color and I avoid buying this version. It depends on the person, you may like the scent of this soap but I don't.

Orange Soap
I'm not a fan of its fragrance. It smells very tangy and fake, almost like orange sweets which I'm not really interested in. It is orange colored and I also avoid buying this soap.

Grape Soap
This looks very blue in the image but actually it is a purple colored soap. This smells really yummy, like grape flavored candies and jelly beans. Really like this scent. Also this soap has the strongest scent in the entire range.

Now some of the soaps from this range smell great and lather nicely. They come cheap but perform like expensive soaps. After using these, my body doesn't feel dry or itchy. You really don't need a shower gel while using these. They are jumbo in size and above all feel very light weight in hand. They last for a pretty good time and are very economical for large families. I have found no cons regarding these soaps.These are very nice soaps and I would recommend them to everyone.

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Have you ever tried these soaps? What do you think about them?

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  1. Lovely soaps..never heard abt them before!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. I have used these and I love how they smell but I found them a bit drying. I always opt for soap free body wash now. Nice pictures and review :)

    1. Oh too bad that you think they are a bit drying because I don't. Yeah they smell great. Thanks for your feedback:)

  3. I am sure they smell heavenly too!

  4. Oh wow I have seen these at the grocery store many times but always ignored these for some reason. But these sound really great. Thanks for sharing ur opinion

    1. I'm glad this review was helpful for you. Thanks for visiting:)

  5. I have tried these long ago and i still remember that they smell so good .. thanks for sharing dear <3

  6. Ah this reminded me of my childhood days when my dad used to get these. Great post :)

    1. Ahh childhood memories! Thanks for stopping by hun:)

  7. a great blog, I like your style. Would you like to follow each other? let me know


  8. Their colors are so yummy!! Hehehe! But i have tried them and they are really cool:)


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