What I Received On My Birthday!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hello Lovelies,

This is a special post as it's my birthday today. We don't celebrate birthday in a traditional manner but still I got a few presents which I can't wait to show you. But before going on further, my brother lifted the online shopping ban from me because of my birthday and also gave me some cash which I'm almost bubbling inside to spend on makeup obviously.

Three Unstitched Suits
I got three unstitched suits, one from my mother, one from my Phuppo and one from my Khala. I just can't wait to take them to the tailor and have them stitched the way I want.

Bh Cosmetics Pink A Dot 11pcs Brush Set
Now this was a very early birthday present given to me by my brother. I requested him to get me this and he did. This brush set was worth an investment. You can read my review here

I love wedges and hence my wish was fulfilled by another Khala of mine and I'm so thankful to her. I love these shoes already.

Books and Sunglasses
This was given to me by a sweet friend of mine. I got three books of Danielle Steele, one of Sandra Brown and the last one of Jackie Collins. I can't wait to read and review them. These sunglasses are super cute.

Rivaj lip pencils, a cute mirror and jewelry
I also received these from a friend of mine. I love the two sets of earrings, one necklace and a bracelet which she gave me. The Rivaj pencils are very pretty and the mirror comes very handy.

And can you spot those roses in the background? My brother brought me these from our very own garden and dear me, it made my day.

Ok, so these were the things I received and each one of these are very close and dear to me. I'm looking forward to buy makeup myself to fulfill my craving.

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  1. Wow superb gifts Aysha. Loving your wedges and sunglasses. Jewelry is so cute. Once again happy birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday Dear!
    Lovely presents & flowers :)

  3. Everything is so cute specially sunglasses and jewellery.


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