Your Updated Shopping Trend List For Winter 2015

Friday, November 27, 2015

With the winter finally setting in the real sense in many parts of the world, this is the right time to actually check some of the best trends of the season. 

The fall-winter 2015-16 collections were revealed some months back, and here, we take a look at the best trends to help with your quick shopping list.

Long live the cape

The essence of any Fall collection is quality outerwear. Instead of just getting winter dresses, it is a practical idea to get outerwear, and if you are looking for inspiration, cape can be quite a thing. Many top designers were inspired by the cape, and the trend is not merely likeable for fashionistas but also quite worthy for daily needs in the winter. Some of the top designers that you may want to check include Nanette Lepore, Dolce & Gabbana and Christopher Raeburn. Interesting designs were also seen at Esteban Cortazar.

The beauty bow

 If you have been thinking of something new in work-wear, think of the cute tying bow, which has been extensively used by a number of brands. There is no denying that apart from outerwear, office wear for the winter is pretty much boring. Top fashion houses, such as A Détacher, Orla Kiely and Bottega Veneta have given a royal change to the winter tops and blouses. The good thing is you don’t need to search for such tops only in designer collections, but many online stores do have such options. You can click here to see one of the biggest stores for winter wear online.

Broad belts are here to stay

The corset-like broad belt was a major hit at some of the biggest shows, including Roberto Cavalli, Isabel Marant, and Givenchy. Most fashion conscious women know that belts can be quite a good accessory to break the monotony of a long dress or an outfit with a singular print. However, with the broad belt, you get to add a lot of extra style, and that works pretty well for almost every look of the winter. If you want to go for something designer, check at Salvatore Ferragamo and Vionnet for some interesting designs.

50 shades of ‘Gray’

Yes, the unofficial colour of the fall season has to be gray, which has been evident in some of the top shows. Gray works as a unique colour for outerwear at all times, but if you see what was on the ramp for fall 2015, you will find it to be shade worthy of almost every occasion. From formal suits to complete ensemble that are tailored for the season, there’s a lot that you can find. For some ideas, you can check designers like Wes Gordon, Victoria Beckham and Issey Miyake. If you haven’t shopped for something unique in a while, you have every reason see these.

Happy shopping for the fall!



Suzy Walsh is a fashion enthusiast and an ardent stylist with a passion for practical fashion. She is also the chief editor for budding fashion blog- The House Of Elegance Fashion.

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  7. I'm always quite wary of 'trends' as some of them can be frankly diabolical! But some of these don't look too bad!

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