Review || Diana of London 2000 Kisses Wonderful Lipstick “38 Pure Temptation!”

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Hello everybody,

I have been so busy these past few days and today, I met upon, some of the most dreadful moments of my life, “rude clients.” I can’t tell you just how bothered I am right now and decided to turn to my safe sanctuary “my blog.” Of course, I am not here to vent out my frustrations on all of you but chose to review this Diana of London Liquid Lipstick, since, it’s been lying around for about a month and, merely, because I feel like taking a break from work!


I bought this product for 850 PKR from Al-Fatah. You can get this product online from







I am not the biggest fan of the packaging because it looks average and somehow, I accidently dropped it and the front of the container has a slightly long crack on it, but it doesn’t leak or anything. It is a simple plastic container with a wand for application. Good for traveling!


In all honesty, I like the consistency of this liquid lipstick, it’s decently thick and applies very comfortably but I have to swipe it across my lips several times to get full opacity, which sometimes does annoy me. I prefer my liquid lipsticks to provide full opaqueness in one go but with this, it is the other way round. The formula is drying especially “more noticeable,” if you layer it on dry lips, you might get cakey lips. Make sure to wear lip balm underneath and then the product works superbly well. 

My Thoughts

This product manages to give my lips a very pouty appearance and I really adore that “to see how it looks on me, click here.”

I like the wand on this. It’s good for lining and filling in your lips neatly.

The color, in fact, is the only reason, I was drawn to this product.

It does have the ability to settle into fine lines, but a lip balm takes care of that.

Nope, it doesn’t bleed or inches down towards my chin in any way.

It has a perfumey scent to it, but it isn’t bothersome.

It does dry completely matte within seconds.

However, it isn’t too long-lasting if compared to the likes of Colour Pop or Nyx Lip Lingerie, still it stays for a decent time. 

The color can be described as a “nude peach,” a tad light for me but works brilliantly with a pairing of a dark chocolate-toned lip liner.

Yet, I would class the shade as very beautiful and would look great on super-light to light-medium skin tones, though, dark beauties might need to use a dark colored lipstick underneath.

I would like to break the claim that this is non-transferable because it is transferable and after eating an oily meal, only some remnants of it will linger behind.

It doesn’t fade away, rather it chips away, which isn’t an appealing sight at all.

Yes, it is a nice product but certainly not worth 850 PKR. I feel that it’s quite expensive and doesn’t deliver as much as one expects from this price tag.

If you really want something quick and good that stays all day long, Colour Pop or Nyx Lip Lingerie is the brand to go for.

Though, if you are looking for a decent drugstore option, I would recommend opting for this liquid lipstick. 


If you are on the hunt for an easily available liquid lipstick that does the job, this is the one!

Would I Repurchase?

No, I won’t! Not because I dislike this product or anything like that. I just don’t want to. 

Have You Tried This Liquid Lipstick?

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  1. Great peach color:)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Thank you for your honest review Ayesha! Now I know i have to steer clear of this one.

    1. Well, their decent but nothing extraordinary. Thank you! :)

  3. These are decent drugstore liquid lipsticks and I love their shade range <3 This is such a pretty shade. You look gorgeous in the pic :)

    1. Yes, their shade range is nice. Thank you so much! :)

  4. It's a beautiful shade for young girls like you. Among all the ones I've tried so far, Colour Pop is indeed the best. I have yet to try a formula that's better than it. Again a fabulous review.


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