My 2015 Beauty Favorites!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Finally, today I got the time to display and compile a few of my favorites of 2015. 

The beginning of 2015 for me was pretty terrible but the ending surprised me with quite pleasant turning points in my life. I won’t talk much here because I’ll just be explaining about my favorites. Hope you like my post and my picks. I will mention the prices of those products which I haven’t reviewed.

1.     Skincare

I have total 5 best things in this list and I have been using these pretty much the entire 2015. To check out the prices and the full reviews of these products, I will link their reviews alongside.

St Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Moisturizer

This is an awesome moisturizer especially for winter. I love it and will keep buying it. Review here.

Freeman Cucumber Peel Off Mask

Freeman masks are far the best and this was really good for use in summer. It brightens up my face really well. Review here.

 Petal Fresh Aloe & Apricot Whitening Scrub

I wouldn’t really recommend it for using in summer if you have oily skin because it kind of moisturizes the skin but I really like it because I have dry skin and don’t like scrubs which leave my skin dry afterwards. Review here.

St Ives Blemish-free Green Tea Cleanser

This product proved to be great for my acne-prone skin. Yes, it is drying but I make do with a generous coating of moisturizer on my face. This is a must have if you plan to diminish small pimples. Review here.

Luminous Skincare Rose Water

This is a gem if you want to discard the dull appearance of your complexion. I spritz it on my face when I go out. Review here.

2.     Eye Makeup Beauty Favorites

I am quite laid-back when it comes to my eyes. I rarely wear any makeup on them but I do have some good products to share.

Bh Cosmetics Pink a Dot 11 Pcs Brush Set

This brush set is absolutely adorable and have a good range of brushes for eyes. I wish it came with a kabuki brush but I guess I’ll have to buy a separate one. I love this brush set and it is the first one in my collection. Review here.

Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara

This is a cult product and indeed, proves to be really nice for natural looking lashes. Review here.

Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Eyeshadow Palette “Flawless”

When I bought this palette, I kept staring in wonder at the beautiful range of shades. If you are a neutral eye shadow lover, this one should be your fort. Review here.

Bell Cosmetics Hypoallergenic Eye Liner “PKR Under 1000”

This is really black and nice. It says that it is water proof but not really. However, for a quick eye flick, this is efficient and swift. Review will come soon.

3.     Face and Lips Makeup Favorites

In 2015, I came upon some fantastic lipsticks and will love to share the knowledge with you.

Ponds BB Cream

The Ponds BB Cream I have tried is certainly the new version. It is really nice for a natural looking coverage and provides my skin luminosity as well. Review here.

Essence Lip Liner “Plum Cake” 280

I finally gave in to the Essence lip liners hype and I must say I am extremely impressed with this product. It glides on smoothly, feels light and wears nicely. Review will come soon.

Essence Lipstick “On the Catwalk” PKR 430

This was an impulse purchase and I am glad I finally tried this much reputable lipstick. The formula is great (not matte but likable), the shade is lovely and the packaging is solid. Review will come soon.

Bell Cosmetics Classic Lipstick “Shade 9”

This shade is absolutely stunning (on the picture, the shade is an incorrect one) and perfect for every day. I was in great search for a lipstick that was muted and not really obvious on lips. This is really nice and comfortable to wear. Review here.

Oriflame The One Lipstick "Red Passion"

I won this in a giveaway and love it to bits. The formula stands between sheer and satin. The shade is perfect for me. I love this lipstick and will add more to my collection plus I fancy the packaging. Review here.

Essence Lip Balm "01 Fruit Crush" PKR 225

I simply love this lip balm and have tried more as well. You must buy these if you are looking for thick, hydrating lip balms. Review will come soon.

4.     Body Care and Hair Care

Five products were surprisingly wonderful for me in 2015.

Radox Fruity Shower Cream “Coconut Kiss” PKR 195

I have tried many shower gels by Radox but this one smells heavenly. If you are prepping up for a party, you must have a shower with this shower cream. It’ll make you smell yummy. Review will be up soon.

 L’oreal Total Repair Shampoo PKR under 600

I totally gave up hope on trying new shampoos because nothing works as well for me as Head & Shoulders shampoos. This one is a winner and works superbly for my hair. Totally recommended and review will be up soon.

Body Luxuries “Silk Glow” Body Lotion

I love, love this body lotion. I use it mostly on my hands, feet and elbows. It smells fab, sinks in fine and doesn’t leave any residue behind. Review here.

L’oreal Elvive 6 Oil Nourish Extraordinary Oil for Hair “PKR 695”

This is basically oil-based oil. The formula of this is very light-weight and doesn’t lean heavy. This product has transformed my hair in a brilliant way. Review will be up soon.

Head & Shoulders Anti Hairfall Shampoo “PKR 335 for 400ml Bottle”

This shampoo still is my favorite and I still like to wash my hair with it. Review will be up soon.

1.     Random Favorites from

This is certainly not a sponsored post. I bought some things from and loved my purchases.

Bata Black Casual Shoes for Women – 5516023 “PKR 599”

I bought these shoes for casual use and these are comfortable and cute.

AEROSOFT Grey Lifestyles Shoes “PKR 1200”

These shoes are very stylish and perfect for going out. I wear these whenever on the go.

FASHION CAFÉ Blue Cotton Socks for Women 2946 “PKR 128”

If you are looking for some comfortable and pretty socks, you must give these a go.

FASHION CAFÉ Yellow Cotton Socks for Women 2950 “PKR 128”

I love these socks from, a good thing to have in winter.

Sencor SHD 6400V Hair Dryer in Violet “PKR 1024”

I needed a hair dryer pronto and this one works well. I know that it isn’t really reliable but certainly a good cheap thrill which I have been using the entire winter months.

Sencor SHI 110bk flat iron black “PKR 950”

Yes, I invested in this flat iron and I must say it works very nicely. It is not like the Babyliss or Remington ones but good for those who like to keep to their budgets.

Phew! This pretty much sums up my entire beauty favorites of 2015. I hope you liked this post. Do share your views as well.

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  1. Lovely post! I have to try the Makeup Revolutions eyeshadows!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

    1. Hey! It feels so nice to see your comment on om blog again and yes, you do need to give that one a go. Thank you lovely. :)

  2. I enjoyed reading your 2015 review and Maybelline Great Lash has always been a classic winner time and again in countless beauty surveys, magazines, and blog sites!!


    1. Yes, it is such a classic product. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  3. Such a brief and informative post. Will try some of them InshaaALLAH.
    Ur hard work and ur minute detail brings a huge information about makeup. Blv me i wasnt sure of such tecjniques and detail about makeup. Now i feel classy to have some info.:)

    1. Well, it is my pleasure that I was of some help to you. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  4. Hey you got some awesome stuff. Loving the shade of essence lipstick. It seems you like to shop from daraz and i guess that's another thing common between me and you in addition to being a fan of Ponds BB cream :)

    1. Well, yeah I really like shopping from due to their quick delivery, genuine items and a good price range. Good to have some things in common in both of us. Thanks for stopping by sweets. :)

  5. Petal fresh scrubs r good for winters as my skin got too much dry in winters.i have tried one in "rosemary+ Almond".it worked for me.but yes not suitable for summers.Agreed.And flat iron just for 950.Is it really worth buying? Suggest me as i have to purchase a new one for myself.Rest of the products r also Awesome :)

    1. Yes, Petal fresh scrubs are great in winter. That flat iron is not excellent quality like the Remington and Babyliss ones, of course. But it gets the work done for me and it is going strong till now. If you want to buy something really reliable, try Remington, Babyliss, GHD, Braun or Philips. Thanks for all your appreciation. :)

  6. Petal fresh scrubs r good for winters as my skin got too much dry in winters.i have tried one in "rosemary+ Almond".it worked for me.but yes not suitable for summers.Agreed.And flat iron just for 950.Is it really worth buying? Suggest me as i have to purchase a new one for myself.Rest of the products r also Awesome :)

  7. I like the sound of that body lotion a lot, I'm always on the hunt for good moisturisers and lotions because I go through them so quickly!

    1. Yes, if you ever saw them, buy them because their great. Thanks for stopping by. :)


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