Weddings in Freezing December!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hiya Girls,
Who doesn’t love attending wedding ceremonies and especially if your close cousins are getting married? Family weddings are really joyous get-togethers for the entire family and the never-ending celebrations make them so very beautiful. Well, two of my cousins got married recently and my preparations began from early December as both the ceremonies were to be held from 24th to 26th December 2016. I had been persuading my mother for shopping ever since November, simply because I was over-enthusiastic and finally we bought everything we needed after a long and strenuous shopping haul with “Winter Eve” of “I Dare Again.” You can read about our shopping spree here.

My post caters to the two wedding functions only and would be quite lengthy indeed. However, I’ll touch the main interesting parts solely to avoid boredom from creeping into my post. So, I’ll begin from the first wedding, here I must remind you that both of my cousins getting married were boys from two different families, one paternal, the other maternal and that meant attending Barat and Walima. The weather turned cold and foggy and I was literally worried about it because who likes wearing sweaters on such occasions? Well, I must admit the adrenaline pumping in my bloodstream kept me oblivious to the cold.

The First Wedding (Barat)

My eldest brother had promised to take me to Blazon Beauty Parlor to get my hair done. I didn’t want the makeup done at the parlor because honestly, I don’t trust their makeup skills. I reached the parlor prompt at 3:00 pm and was shocked to witness the bursting parlor. It seemed as if all Lahorite girls were there but the hairdresser knew me and styled my hair very deftly into a sleek straight hairstyle. I opted for straight hair because I wanted it to last through the Walima ceremony as well and wasn’t willing to come rushing in there again the next day. The timing of Barat was 8:00 pm.

After returning home, I changed into my maroon gold embroidered outfit, did my makeup, wore matching gold jewelry, plus gold and beige pumps. The makeup I did was pretty simple, though I did contouring for the first time ever and it looked good. You can see the makeup items I used in the pictures as well as my dress, shoes, and jewelry. Thankfully we made it to the marriage hall on time and then the usual festivities began. My cousins and I took loads of pics and enjoyed immensely. We returned home after a two-hour long drive as roads were packed full of traffic jams. After that, I barely had enough strength left to wipe off the makeup with Garnier Micellar Water, changed clothes, had coffee and slept soundly.

The First Wedding (Walima)

This was really gorgeous. I donned my white, blue, green dress with silver touches. Primed my hair with the hairdryer and hair spray, even though it was still intact. This time I chose the silver jewelry with silver pumps that you can see here. My makeup was soft with blue-gray eyes and pink liquid lipstick. (In the picture) This marriage hall was very beautifully decorated and the atmosphere was brilliant. 

The bride was also wearing mint green or turquoise shaded lengha (You can see her with me here.) In short, it was the most enthralling event. After that, we went to my aunt’s home and again returned home late night, exhausted and cold. The next day was Sunday and I was too weary to do anything, so I slept and lazed on the bed. Later, I took bath, blow-dried my hair, sprayed it with hairspray and curled them with the help of curlers.

The Second Wedding (Walima)

On Monday, it was the Walima party of my second cousin from my maternal side. I wore the same maroon dress with the same everything else, though this time my hair was beautifully curled and suited the look I had created. They had arranged the function in tents outside their home on a ground. I must confess this arrangement was even more attractive and relaxing because the sunlight could be enjoyed too, moreover, it was spacious and photography could be done easily. My camera hadn’t worked well in artificial lights of the marriage halls, so this was a huge aid. This was a day affair too and the food was delish, just as on the previous two occasions.

Barat & Walima Dress-up

I regretted not being able to attend the Barat of the second wedding but it was a relief too because their schedule was hectic and involved a long journey out of Lahore to another city. I think I just hate the exhaustion I felt after these events, everything else was pure bliss. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. I’ve tried it keep it to the minimum, still, it’s a tad long. All I can say is 2016 ended with celebration!

"I am wearing some jewelry pieces which I received from one of my aunts and some are newly purchased by myself. To get an in-depth view of these pieces, check out this post." 

So, did you attend any particular weddings this month?

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  1. Loved reading the details of these weddings and attending them was real fun too. I'm really happy you got the attires of your choice and looked fabulous as well.Keep up the grand work!Gorgeous pics as usual.

    1. Yes, luckily I was able to snag all of those things that were on my wishlist for the wedding except a few makeup bits and bobs. Thank you so much for the praise. :)

  2. Loving your dresses, Ayesha! Are they shalwar kamez? no?

    ieyra h. | blog

    1. Thank you Ieyra! Yes, they are shalwar Kameez. :)


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